Put Down That Stress Ball, Pick up That Hookah Pipe

Published : Monday, April 15, 2013 | 10:40 AM

Whether it’s been a long week at the office or you’re just craving a slice of heaven, Bliss Café and Lounge at 1709 E. Washington Boulevard is the place to escape to for all kinds of indulgences that will clear your mind.  After all, what better place to unwind than a Café that gets its name from a Hershey’s chocolate?

“It’s a place where you can sit for endless hours and smoke your hookah and taste our Mediterranean cuisine” says owner Garen Feroyan.  “It’s a place to relax and get away from the ordinary routine.”

So far away that you’ll feel like you have been transported to the most serene hideaways in Europe.  It’s no accident that customers feel like they’re in a quaint Paris Café when they’re outside sitting in Bliss’ open patio, with heaters available for even the chilliest of nights.

“Alongside our extravagant amenities, Bliss Café also offers bay style windows looking out onto our patio perfect for summer evenings,” says Feroyan.

To really transport you to Europe, Feroyan concocts unique blends of exotic coffees which differ from the everyday cup.

“Our brewed specialty, the Parade Blend, is a palatable sensation along with our gourmet Lattes created by our highly skilled Baristas together with our Armenian coffee makes Bliss Café a new coffee experience.”

Sometimes caffeine is exactly what’s needed to enjoy all the fare, with the new Wednesday music night as no exception and the indie bands that perform, Bliss Café is an array of experiences cultivated to take our clientele on a journey.  Worth mentioning is the show of One Silver Astronaut an indie bank whose music was featured on the television show Gossip Girl on Monday 23rd March.

Late nighters can stay until 1:30am on weekends and until 12:30am Monday through Thursday’s sampling over 70 flavors of hookah offered for a Mediterranean twist on café life.  With one drink per person minimum with hookah, starting at $9 per pipe it’s an inviting destination to hand with friends, not to mention their special where the 9th hookah is free.  It’s a value for money indeed.

Though hookah originated in India at the turn of the 17th century in rural areas, it has been only in recent years that this phenomenon has spread to the cities of the Middle East, Europe, North America and South Africa.

Feroyan, a Pasadena native for over 20 years likes that the environment seems to change several times during the day, open from 9:30am daily until late into the night.  He has plans to start the breakfast run in the summer with a swanky breakfast menu and his famous coffees.

But for now, the full menu served until past midnight offers enough to satisfy any appetite.  The genius Chef, Feroyan’s father in law, creates home-style recipes of kebabs, lamb and pork dishes which adds a slice of family to the Café that isn’t easily found.  With each new face that walks into Bliss, Feroyan is happy to add one more member to his family, even if for a few divine hours.

Bliss Cafe and Lounge is located at 1709 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena. For more information call (626) 797-3862.

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