Ralphs Will Rollout Online Grocery Shopping in Pasadena

Published : Wednesday, August 17, 2016 | 6:37 PM

The Ralphs Grocery chain has launched its version of online supermarket shopping, and said it will expand the service to include Pasadena in coming months.

The Ralphs service is called ClickList. Customers order online but head to the store’s parking lot to pick up their groceries. At the store, they will be greeted by a special team, who have hand-pulled the items from the store’s shelves.

Ralphs has three locations in Pasadena. This one is in Old Pasadena, at 380 West Colorado Boulevard.

The team will load up each customer’s cars with his or her order.

Ralphs began offering ClickList at its Carlsbad store earlier this month.

“It’s important that we stay ahead of our competition,” said Ralphs President Valerie Jabbar in a company statement. “Our customers’ lifestyles are constantly changing, and we have to change with them. It’s exciting to be part of something that makes such a big difference in the lives of our customers.”

To order online, a customer pulls up the Ralphs ClickList page (Ralphs.com/ClickList), orders and selects a pickup time at the store.
Only credit and debit cards are accepted with the service. Cash or checks are not accepted.

The ClickList service has no minimum or maximum to place an order and available products include most products found in a Ralphs store and over-the-counter health and beauty products, tobacco and liquor. Some seasonal items, hot foods and pharmacy prescriptions will not be available for online ordering, the chain said in a press release.

As an introductory offer, Ralphs is waiving the $6.95 ClickList service charge for a customer’s first three orders.

Ralphs operates three grocery stores in the Pasadena area. The company has not yet made clear if the ClickList service will be available at all of the locations.


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