Red Cross First Aid Stations Saw Light Patient Load This Rose Parade

Published : Wednesday, January 1, 2020 | 12:06 PM

The 2020 Rose Parade American Red Cross First Aid station saw very few and very minor injuries today during and after the event.

Roxanne Schorbach, spokesperson for American Red Cross, said after the parade, “Actually today was rather light, which we normally see when the weather is cooler, like it was today. We had some bandages that we gave out, we had a slip and fall. Most of the items that we worked with were treat and release. Which means that we were able to take care of it.”

Schorbach reported that their team didn’t have to bring the fire department or rescue ambulance in on any call.

Schorbach said, “Right now I’m at what we call station 12, which is at the end of the parade. And this is where the band members finish and where we will see a lot of blisters and maybe swollen knees and things like that.”

At the end of the parade route, Schorbach’s team was primarily dealing with blisters and tired people.

“It’s a five and a half mile parade route, some of them are used to walking that long and some of them are not. You know, it was a fairly calm parade from what I’ve heard so far,” Schorbach said.

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