Rock Legends Crosby and Nash Celebrate Local Nonprofit Five Acres

Published : Monday, August 26, 2013 | 4:31 AM

In honor of the 125th birthday of Five Acres, David Crosby and Graham Nash performed an intimate and powerful set of their classics before a capacity crowd at the Pasadena Playhouse Sunday night.

Five Acres was established in 1888 as one of the first orphanages in Los Angeles County. It has since branched out to provide comprehensive help to children and families in need. Services include residential care, mental health services in homes and schools, education, foster care, adoption, and domestic violence prevention.

“The 125th anniversary fundraiser is a fabulous and exciting opportunity to pair with David Crosby and Graham Nash. Hopefully this will increase the public’s awareness of Five Acres” said Dan Braun, the nonprofit’s Chief Financial Officer.

Five Acres Chief Executive Officer Chanel Boutakidis [at left] on stage with emcees actor Noah Wiley, best know for his role as Dr. Carter on the hit TV show E.R., and the clever and charming KTLA channel 5 reporter Wendy Burch. [Photo: Photo: Michael Floch.]

Funds raised from the concert will help cover expenses and keep Five Acres going.

In 2009, Crosby and Nash  had also hosted a benefit at a Pasadena home to raise funds for Five Acres’ domestic violence prevention program, the Grace Center.

The duo sounded flawless,  captivating the crowd with the technical brilliance and timeless harmonies. Bringing with them their crystal-clear acoustic guitars, the band played so tight no drummer was required.

Sound engineer Gregory Pollock, who has worked with both Crosby and Nash before, said that his friends are both grounded people. “They are the nicest guys in the world, they both have been through so much and still don’t show it”.

One of Pollock’s favorite insights into the two legends occurred at the Beverly Hilton in 2005. They were scheduled to play in the evening but instead showed up at 2 p.m. to start with the sound check. He reiterated that they were consummate professionals.

Crosby and Nash were already successful musicians before joining forces with Steven Stills and Neil Young. Crosby was a founding member of the Byrds. Graham Nash was in the Hollies, a band riding the wave of the British invasion. In 1969, they performed at the legendary three day concert in Woodstock, New York.

Their songs contain a wide range of emotions, joy, dreams, utopia, pain and revolution, but never about surrender. A few of their famous songs include Teach Your Children, Love the One You’re With, Right Between the Eyes and Marrakesh Express, which became a world-wide smash hit.

The event’s hosts were actor Noah Wiley, best know for his role as Dr. Carter on the hit TV show E.R., and the clever and charming KTLA channel 5 reporter Wendy Burch. Speaking of her past, Burch told the sold out crowd how she understands what these children are going through.

“At five days old, I was adopted,” said Burch.

Five Acres Chief Executive Officer Chanel Boutakidis screened a short documentary detailing the positive impact 5 Acres has had on children and families in the community.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees took a break from their world tour for this historic, one-night-only concert. The beautiful Pasadena Playhouse provided the perfect backdrop for a night to remember.

Jazzy blue and purple lighting set the vibe for the evening. Both Crosby and Nash were relaxed as they joked with the audience and each other.

“Right now were going to play some old stuff, some songs you don’t know, and some songs we don’t even know,” joked Crosby.

“We are honored that Crosby and Nash have taken the time to host this exclusive concert,” said Chanel Boutakidis.