Ronald McDonald House a Little Cooler Thanks to Pasadena’s Aire Serv Crew

Ronald McDonald House Cooler Thanks to Pasadena Aire ServRonald McDonald House Cooler Thanks to Pasadena Aire ServRonald McDonald House Cooler Thanks to Pasadena Aire ServRonald McDonald House Cooler Thanks to Pasadena Aire ServRonald McDonald House Cooler Thanks to Pasadena Aire Serv

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4:07 pm | September 18, 2019

[Updated] Pasadena Ronald McDonald House just got a little cooler thanks to the local Aire Serv franchise, and nobody needs more comfort than those residing in the famous clown’s abode.

Ronald McDonald House at 763 and 765 South Pasadena Avenue is actually comprised of two structures, where families can stay while their patient kids are undergoing treatment at the nearby Shriners for Children Medical Center.

The “House” gets some funding from McDonald’s Corp., and raises whatever else it needs as a traditional charity with fundraisers, donations requests, and the like.

Aire Serv of Pasadena threw a barbeque event at Ronald McDonald’s House Sept. 17, to celebrate the completion of the job that included $90,000 in air conditioning repairs and upgrades to the facility.

“Vic Kerasimian runs Aire Serv and he’s one of our greatest partners,” said the House’s Operation Manager Francisco Gallegos. “He helped install air conditioning in both houses. And early on in the project he said that after it was done he wanted to come back and celebrate the completion with his staff and their families and ours.”

Kerasimian explained that Aire Serv had been repairing and maintaining air conditioners at Ronald McDonald House since 2011 on a no- and low-cost basis, and concluded the systems were too old and, perhaps, even detrimental to the children.

“We started to ask around for some donations from our distributors and other partners we work with like electricians and whatnot,” said Kerasimian. “We got some support for equipment and from an electrician and got the cost of the project down to as close to zero as possible.”

The buildings have historical landmark status, and they are owned by the California Department of Transportation, which meant continued interaction with the City and State during installation.

“They were helpful and supportive,” said Kerasimian of public officials, “but there was still a lot of back and forth.”

All told, the project took two years to complete.

The upgrade not only cools things down, it uses less energy, freeing up scarce funds for other purposes, Kerasimian noted.

Gallegos said the celebration included, “tons of food, tacos, cookies, desserts,” and decorations for the backyards of both buildings. “It was a great event,” he said. “Their staff was so kind, welcomed our families here at the house and served them. A really nice day.”

Aire Serve is a global franchise organization that installs, maintains and fixes heating, ventilation, air quality, air conditioning systems.