Rose Parade, Rose Bowl Are “Drone-Free Zones” Says Police Chief Sanchez

Police, Fire Chief, and Secret Service announce security efforts for parade, game day

Published : Wednesday, December 28, 2016 | 2:46 PM


Thinking about using your new Christmas drone to capture pro-quality video of the Rose Parade and maybe the Rose Bowl game? Think again, Sky Pilot.

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez confirmed at a Wednesday morning press conference at City Hall, that the police will “take action” against any drones spotted in the skies near New Years’ Day activities, January 2.

“It’s a ‘drone-free zone,” said Sanchez. “Leave it at home.”

Chief Sanchez also reminded Pasadena residents to “come early and bring plenty of patience.”

“And pay close attention to your surroundings,” he said, echoing a constant theme, “If you see something, say something.”

Pasadena Police will oversee the deployment of 1,500 officers this year, along with 25 K9 teams as part of its security efforts, added Sanchez, with officers at every intersection along the parade route.

As Sanchez noted, motorists driving in close proximity to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game will encounter barriers at key intersections. The barriers are intended to help prevent unauthorized vehicles from accessing the parade route or secure areas at the Rose Bowl Stadium. The barriers will be installed along the parade route as part of a robust security plan and extra personnel will be nearby to assist motorists. “Please use caution when driving anywhere in Pasadena,” he emphasized.

“All parade vehicles will be checked, and everyone entering the Rose Bowl for the game will go through a magnetometer,” added Sanchez.

Joining Sanchez at the morning press conference to discuss Rose Parade and Rose Bowl security were Pasadena Fire Chief Bertral Washington, Rob Savage , special agent with the Secret Service, who is coordinating local security efforts along with Homeland Securit

Chief Washington reminded residents that overnight temperatures will be in the 40s on parade day, with morning temperatures in the 50s.

“Dress warm, and dress in layers,” said Washington.

As with Pasadena’s police force, Pasadena firefighters will be along the parade route all night and through the parade.

Small barbecues will be allowed along the route, said Washington, but emphasized that they must be 1 foot off the ground, and 25 feet away from any building or structure.

“And no bonfires,” said Washington. “Those can create flying embers and endanger you and the people around you. Washington added that no tents, sofas, ladders or fireworks will be allowed along the parade route.

Like Washington and Sanchez, he also repeated the security mantra of the day: “If you see something, say something.”

According to Savage, there will be a 3,000 foot sky limit, and and a 25 mile radius of closed airspace around the city.

Describing the Federal security efforts, Rob Savage told the media that “many things we do will be visible, but many things will not.” According to Savage, federal authorities will be coordinating security with fellow agencies from the coast line to Colorado Boulevard, including docks and local freeways.

For more information, readers may text,”ROSEPARADE” to 888777 to receive up-to-date text message alerts from public safety officials, as needed.

Residents and visitors may also find more information on the City website at, clicking on “Latest News” for all “Do and Do Not” items, as well as a street map for road closures and restricted access points for the parade, the float formation area, the post-parade viewing area and the stadium.

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