Same-Day Delivery Service From Major Groceries, Retailers to Pasadena Doorsteps Set to Roll Out This Month

Published : Thursday, October 11, 2018 | 6:23 PM

Shipt, an Internet-based grocery and essential items delivery company owned by Target Corporation, is launching same-day service in Pasadena and throughout the Los Angeles Metro area on October 25, the company announced Thursday.

The service will offer delivery of grocery items and household needs from Target, CVS, Ralph’s, Vons, Pavilions, Gelson’s, and Northgate Market, with customers only needing to enumerate the items in a smartphone app and submitting them to Shipt. A Shipt shopper then goes to each store, shops, and delivers the items to you.

Customers will be able to order essential items from multiple retailers, such as beer and wine, electronics, toys, baby and pet supplies from Target, and authentic Hispanic products, including handmade tortillas, fresh cut meats, fresh guacamole made daily, and authentic Mexican sweet bread from Northgate Market.

The service will also deliver beer and wine from Target stores.

The move is part of Shipt’s Southern California expansion, which will bring the membership-based delivery service in partnership with retailers in Los Angeles, Orange County and Oxnard. The company plans to continue expanding down the coast, ultimately giving more than 11 million households across the state access to their delivery service.

The launch on October 25 alone will grant 4.2 million households in Southern California the ability to become Shipt members.

To celebrate the announcement, new Shipt members in Pasadena and the Greater Los Angeles area who sign up before launch will pay only half of the regular membership fee.

“We’re actually running a special offer, so if you visit, you can enter your zip code and members in the Pasadena area will be eligible for $49 annual membership instead of $99,” Julie Coop, Shipt Director of Corporate Communications, said.

The discount will apply to members who register before the launch on October 25.

Coop said their Shipt Shoppers can continue to communicate with their customers, who have to be registered as Shipt members to be able to use the app, while they shop.

“It’s highly customized, tailored, so if you want green bananas, you can specify that for your shoppers,” Coop said. “There’s a comments section under each of our tens of thousands of items and you can say, ‘I would like green bananas.’ Let’s say you want strawberries and the strawberries don’t look so hot, your shopper would text you and say, ‘Hey David, this is your Shipt Shopper Julie, strawberry don’t look so great today. The raspberries, on the other hand, are beautiful. Would you like that?’ So it’s highly tailored, perfectly customized to your liking and they’re shopping exactly the way that you would shop.”

Launched in Birmingham, Alabama in 2014, Shipt hires personal Shipt Shoppers who would shop for you like they shop for themselves.

Coop said the same-day delivery concept was born when Shipt founder and CEO Bill Smith and his wife were shopping with their two small children, and thought there had to be an easier way to shop without having to bring the kids to the store.

At present, Shipt is serving members in over 200 metropolitan areas in the U.S., from coast to coast, Coop added.

Prospective Shipt members in Pasadena can look at the company’s website and find out which of the local retailers can they shop from once the service launches.

“You can use a visit to see what retailers are available in the area and which ones are available for your zip code specifically,” Coop said. “But we’ve got a really great robust retailer lineup and we’re excited for people in Pasadena to get the groceries they love from the stores they trust in as soon as one hour.”

“Millions of Southern California residents now have the opportunity to join the Shipt community,” CEO Smith said in a statement. “By offering a new layer of convenience to America’s second largest city, residents can now have everything from weekly grocery essentials to last-minute household items delivered quickly and seamlessly by a friendly Shipt Shopper. Through our app, members have access to everything they need, when they need it, right at their fingertips.”

Leading up to the launch, Shipt is now recruiting up to 2,500 new Shipt Shoppers across the region to be part of the team responsible for fulfilling each order. To apply to be a Shipt Shopper, visit





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