California State Senate Approves Bill Which Could Lay Groundwork for Returning Freeway Stub to Pasadena

Formal Legislative End to 710 Freeway, Stub Rededication Foundation and Tenant Protections moves to the Assembly

Published : Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | 2:43 PM

On Wednesday, SB 7, authored by Pasadena-area representative Senator Portantino was passed by the California State Senate.

SB 7 will allow the purchase of surplus properties at their current value by non-profit tenants and prohibit Caltrans from implementing a tunnel surface freeway for Route 710 between Route 10 and Route 210.

The bill lays the foundation for the state to return surplus freeway stubs back to local cities in the freeway corridor.

“I am very excited to have SB 7 move one step closer through the process in the legislature. SB 7 follows through on the commitment I made two years ago when negotiating the end to the 710-tunnel threat. At the time, the agreement was that the EIR certification would move us all in a new and collaborative direction and then I would take the freeway off the table and protect the non-profits in the corridor. Today, we move one big step closer to that reality,” commented Senator Portantino.

Recent amendments to SB 7 include the extension of the rent freeze for renters in the affordable housing program. SB 7 is the conclusion of discussions between Senator Portantino and the Department of Transportation in December 2016 to end the freeway threat and move the region toward a local planning solution.

The City of South Pasadena, the City of Pasadena, the Cottage Co-Op, Pasadena Ronald McDonald House, LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and the Board of Supervisors all formally support SB 7.






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