School Board Convenes Special Meeting Thursday to Discuss Teachers Union Contract, Employee Layoffs

Published : Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | 6:45 AM


The Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education on Thursday will deliberate, and possibly pass, a resolution addressing the layoff of some 103 teachers and non-teaching employees as one of the steps the District proposes to take to deal with its budget deficit.

“We began the 2017-2018 year with a $5.7 million deficit,” Superintendent Dr. Brian McDonald explained last month, “and $10-12 million in anticipated cuts in the next two years.”

The draft resolution being considered by the Board this week includes a listing of the job categories and the number of employees to be reduced from each category.

The list up for termination includes 53 elementary school teachers, eight middle school teachers, nine high school teachers, eight resource teachers, two STEAM coaches, and two assistant high school principals.

Declining enrolment figures in some Pasadena Unified schools has also figured in the need for layoffs, according to staff reports.

In February, the Board approved a Fiscal Stabilization plan which McDonald said could produce $6.9 million in savings and new revenues for the 2017-2018 school year. That plan also looked ahead to next school year, and included plans for employee reductions.

At Thursday’s meeting, the Board of Education will also conduct a public hearing about Pasadena Unified’s proposed article changes to the 2018-2021 teachers’ contracts being negotiated with the United Teachers of Pasadena.

The public hearing, which starts at about 6:30 p.m., will allow for public input about the negotiations and specific provisions in the proposed contract.

The Board of Education meeting Thursday begins at 4 p.m. with a closed session and proceeds to the public meeting at about 5:30 p.m. Board meetings are conducted at the Elbie J. Hickambottom Board Room at Pasadena Unified School District headquarters at 351 South Hudson Avenue.

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