School Board Will Consider Additional Staff Layoffs at Tonight’s Meeting

Published : Thursday, May 24, 2018 | 5:39 AM

Pasadena School BoardThe Pasadena Unified School Board will decide the fate of more staff positions this Thursday at its Board meeting as the District works to cope with major cost-cutting measures to resolve a deficit budget.

Thursday’s resolution identifies 24 full and part-time positions recommended for elimination and 10 positions which are recommended for reduced work hours.

Earlier, the Board had been asked to eliminate a different set of 103 positions. In the end, after the layoffs were challenged and a court decision handed down, only 84 of those positions were permitted to be eliminated.

The 34 positions going before the board for consideration this week were not on that original list.

“The layoff resolution number 2456 reduction in classified school services is mostly a combination of implementing the Fiscal Stabilization Plan items — legally laying off the people and reducing their time based on items that were identified in the Fiscal Stabilization Plan,” explained School Board Member Scott Phelps of the complex formula.

“The second major [input into] this list is school site decision where school sites have decided that they can no longer afford certain positions or they’re going to use their money differently,” he added.

According to the resolution, the district is required to issue layoff notices to classified employees at least 60 days in advance due to lack of work or lack of funds.

The resolution identifies the following positions as being subject to elimination:

Five Health Start Case Managers, one typist, three College & Career Center Technicians, one Family Advocate/Healthy Start, one Instructional Aide, three Library Coordinators, one Program Assistant, four Program Coordinator/Directors, two Senior Human Resources Assistants, and four School Community Assistants.

The resolution also identified another ten positions which would be reduced in time. Those are identified as:

Two Clerk Typists, two Instructional Aides, one Library Coordinator, one School Community Assistant Bilingual, one School Community Assistant Bilingual, one School Community Assistant, one School Community Assistant, and one T.V. Producer/Director .

The School Board meets Thursday in the Elbie J. Hickambottom Board Room at 351 South Hudson Avenue. The public session starts at 6:30 p.m.


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