Senator Portantino / Pasadena PD / Pasadena Latino Heritage Parade Committee Co-host Breakfast Event

Published : Friday, September 13, 2019 | 11:19 AM

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Last week the Pasadena Police Chief along with members of the Police Department, Pasadena Latino Heritage Parade Committee and the Office of State Senator Anthony J. Portantino hosted breakfast with 40 skilled workers from the Pasadena Community Job Center.

The breakfast was a safe space for the skilled worker community to meet with those that represent them and police the neighborhood. During the breakfast Chief Perez along with his officers introduced themselves and spoke about their role(s) in the department and in the community. I provide everyone the opportunity to build relationships.

“Building One Pasadena is a priority for me and this Department. It is my hope that by investing in community policing and integrating the Department within the community the partnership between our community and the department will continue to grow. The police department is here to serve and sometimes that means serving breakfast”, said Pasadena Police Chief Perez.

The Police department encouraged attendees and their families to participate in Police Activity League (PALS Program), the Explorer Post 19 program, the Community Police Academy, and the Community Police Academy En Español. The Department also promoted other program opportunities, including Curb Side Coffees, Kids Safety Academy, and the Jr. Public Safety Academy. For more information on these programs please contact the Community services section at (626) 744-4551.

Skilled workers also heard from the Office of State Senator Anthony J. Portantino. Senator Portantino’s office spoke about legislation, specifically SB 695. SB 695 is a bill that will require school districts to translate an Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in the top 8 languages of that school district within 30 days if requested by the parent. The intent of SB 695 is for parents to receive a translated IEP in a timely fashion and to create meaningful participation in the IEP process. For more information on this piece of legislation and/or to find out about the legislative process please call the District office at (818) 409-0400.

“I am honored to have the ability and platform to author legislation that will positively impact members of bi-lingual communities. This piece of legislation not only brings attention to the difficulties experienced by parents who are not English proficient in using the IEP process for their child’s benefit. It also highlights the rich ethnic diversity of California,” added State Senator Anthony J. Portantino.

“The men and women of the Pasadena Community Job Center are an integral part of our daily workforce and it my pleasure to be able to show them that we here in Pasadena support them, commented Teresa Deukmedjian, Chair of the Pasadena Latino Heritage Parade Committee.

“We appreciate the opening to the dialogue of the police department headed by Chief Perez. The day laborer community appreciates the attention and hopes to continue working hand in hand with the police department so that there is trust and a relationship of respect from both parties, said Manuel Vicente, Site Coordinator for the Pasadena Community Job Center.

All left the event with a renewed focus on supporting every worker and job seeker in the community.





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