Shakespeare Club + Friends of Foster Children: Making Christmas Merrier for Foster Children

Published : Friday, December 1, 2017 | 4:31 PM

Pasadena - Shakespeare Club + Friends of Foster Children: Making Christmas Merrier for Foster Children

L-R: Club President Janet Beggs, FOFC volunteers Maitland Stokes, Kathy Stokes, Debi Mistretta, Pam Geer and Juliette De Maio, Philanthropy Chair Ellen Yeany

For nearly 50 years, the members of The Shakespeare Club joyfully donate in order to make Christmas merrier for area foster children. With the gift guidance of the Friends of Foster Children (FOFC) organization, shopping baskets were filled with over $1,600 worth of toys, bicycles, games, and electronics to fulfill the children’s Christmas wishes. Diapers and linens were also purchased as the state requirement that no bedding be reused puts a strain on the ever-changing nature of residential foster care.

Members of the club also volunteer to staff the Sugar Plum Tree at the Santa Anita Westfield Mall where local foster children living in residential treatment centers have their Christmas wishes hung on the Sugar Plum Trees. The Shakespeare Club and FOFC, non-profit organizations composed entirely of volunteers who share a deep concern for children, insure that every child receives a gift. These are children who must live apart from their families due to neglect, abandonment, illness or family dysfunction. The Shakespeare Club also aids FOFC as it assists newly emancipated foster teens as they learn to set up their own homes, continue their education, and struggle to be self-supporting.

The Shakespeare Club is a vibrant women’s club with an active calendar of daytime and evening activities, actively participates in the community, and believes in the multi-generational wisdom of women. The club, established in 1888, will be enjoying several special events in 2018 to celebrate its 130th anniversary. For more information about the Shakespeare Club’s philanthropic endeavors, events, membership and legacy, please visit their website






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