Shakespeare Club Membership Reception Attracted More and More New Members

By JANET BEGGS | Photography by Kathy Gandara
Published: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 | 4:54 PM

L-R: Carol Rush, Kathy Dawson, Cynthia Carlburg, Suzanne Brugge, Nathalie Bevernaegie, Linda Belton


Recently The Shakespeare Club hosted its annual Wine and Cheese Membership Reception at the Club’s Italianate Villa clubhouse on Grand Avenue. Throughout the social events of the summer, prospective new members are introduced to the club culminating in the Wine and Cheese Membership Reception. Member Teresa Romeu has deemed this time “a Renaissance in The Shakespeare Club” as 23 new members joined last year and 30 are currently expressing interest. As new President Janet Beggs established a motto of “sharing the multi-generational wisdom of women”, the Club finds more and more women responding to that sentiment, including young women who work as writers from home and recognize the need for social interaction in their neighborhood.


L-R: Suzanne Silverman, Maryl Celiz Paz, President Janet Beggs


The Shakespeare Club has the distinction of being the first women’s club West of the Mississippi River, established in 1888 just two years after the City of Pasadena was established. Of course demographics have changed over the past century just as society has changed. The Club recognizes that most women are now working in addition to raising their families and support these needs. As the Baby Boom Generation retires, some wonderfully talented ladies have also found their way to join the comradery and culture of The Shakespeare Club. A robust calendar of both daytime and evening activities and philanthropic opportunities serve the members. Inquiries regarding membership or rental of the Villa are always welcomed at


L-R: Claire Marie Peterson, Ashley Abrams, Stephanie Skews, Board Member Janell Papik


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