Some City Crosswalks Could Get Colorful New "Art Underfoot"

Published : Tuesday, September 12, 2017 | 5:29 AM


An example from the original installation crosswalk art in 2011.

Pasadena’s “art underfoot” program which boldly painted a number of city pedestrian crosswalks in late 2011 will get a colorful makeover if the City’s Art & Culture Commission approves plans it will hear Wednesday to update and expand.

The new proposal calls for removing the original white-on-pavement versions of artist Cynthia Luna’s “Moonwalk” and replace them with artwork expressed in a “new dynamic color palette.”

To the original five locations, three new intersections would be added (North Lake Avenue crossing East Walnut Street, on the east side; Walnut Street crossing El Molino, south side; and South El Molino Avenue “speed table”/mid-block crossing between East Green Street and east Colorado Boulevard).

If approved, the project’s expected completion date is Autumn, 2017. The artwork is considered temporary and would be in place for five years.

Luna’s original works revolve on the “moonwalk” theme were done using stencils as a means to create repetitive patterns on both large and small scale artworks. Luna drew inspiration from Pasadena’s trees, architecture and the Rose Parade to create the designs “Gingko,” “Art Deco,” and “Rose,” respectively.

Luna has created her own decorative technique by combining custom-made patterns with painting to transform spaces and objects. Her design process involves reinterpreting natural forms through the use of innovative geometric shapes and beautiful color combinations.

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