South Pasadena Author Robert V. Rhodes, Sr. Presents “Bah Koo: A Special Friend to Us All”

Published : Wednesday, May 27, 2015 | 12:27 PM

There’s a new children’s book headed to bookstore shelves in the coming months. “Bah Koo: A Special Friend to Us All,” was written by South Pasadena resident Robert V. Rhodes, Sr.

“Bah Koo” is a character based on Japanese mythology. Nothing like the other animals around him, Bah Koo leaves his home to find a place where he’s comfortable and feels like he belongs. This book is the story of Bah Koo’s journey to discover what he is meant to do: he is the eater of children’s bad dreams.

This is the second book in Rhodes’ writing about Bah Koo. The first, according to, was published in 1987. Both books about Bah Koo were illustrated by Gary Patterson.

Robert V. Rhodes, Sr., is a writer, published author, inventor and patent-holder, living in South Pasadena. Professionally, Rhodes works in product marketing and corporate communications. He and his wife have one adult son.

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