South Pasadena Council to Consider UUT Repeal Plan

Scenario includes deep service cuts, layoffs if anti-tax measure passes

Published : Wednesday, July 18, 2018 | 11:06 AM

The South Pasadena City Council on July 18 will consider adopting a preliminary financial plan that would cut $3.4 million from the municipal budget if a challenge to the City’s Utility Users Tax (UUT) is approved by voters in November.

The proposed cuts include layoffs in the police, fire, library and community service departments, along with substantial reductions in planned street repairs and maintenance.

The cuts are outlined in a draft implementation plan that would return to the South Pasadena Council for final approval if the UUT is repealed in November.

“The loss of the UUT would result in significant impacts to City services, including police, fire, library, street repairs, and senior programs,” said City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe. “Nearly all City departments would face severe reductions and potential layoffs.”

The UUT is the City’s second largest source of revenue, DeWolfe said. It accounts for about 12 percent of the general fund.

The UUT is being challenged by a Pasadena-based group that has gathered the required signatures to place a repeal on the November ballot.

The City is obligated to prepare for the loss of UUT revenue through a draft implementation plan, DeWolfe said. The plan was informed by the results of a recent community survey that asked South Pasadena residents, among other topics, which services they would cut if the UUT were to be repealed.

The draft implementation plan to be considered by the South Pasadena Council on July 18 includes:

• Layoffs of 12 public safety employees, including three paramedic-firefighters and six police cadets.
• The elimination of all City crossing guards, police air support, and a school safety officer.
• Full public library closures on Sundays and Mondays, reduced hours all other days, and the elimination of all library special programs, technology and capital improvements.
• Reduction of about $1 million a year in street repairs and maintenance.
• Elimination of the entire recreation department and all of its programs, including those for seniors and children.
• Elimination of community-based crime-prevention programs.

The South Pasadena City Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. on July 18 in the Council Chambers at South Pasadena City Hall, 1424 Mission St., South Pasadena.

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