Styx Will Rock The Rose

Published : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 | 3:51 PM

The iconic band, Styx, has been a fixture in the rock world since they released their first record in 1972. Over the years, they have explored everything from guitar-driven hard rock to straight ballads, fused progressive rock, metal, classical music and even techno-pop into their music.

The multi mega million-selling rock band is in their second decade of touring and averages over 100 shows a year. They are bringing their legendary music and presence to Pasadena at The Rose on Wednesday, February 21. We spoke with vocalist and keyboardist, Lawrence Gowan, about the magic behind Styx’s concerts.

“[A successful concert] is an intangible exchange of energy – an electric charge between a band and an audience and back again,” he said.

The band works hard to create a unique concert experience during each live show and, as Gowan explains, each performance is special. They represent a moment of synergy between the musicians and audience – this dynamic energy is what keeps people coming back for more.

“Every day is a new day and you really have the opportunity to embrace that concept…No one ever just goes through the motions [on stage] – we’re rediscovering that song in a new way in that moment,” said Gowan.

A Styx concert spans over four decades of hits from joyous singalongs to “The Grand Illusion” and the ballad, “Lady.” Expect the majestic sounds of “Come Sail Away” and the rugged “Renegade,” all performed with Styx’s signature sound.

Although he categorizes the band as Classic Rock, Styx is much more than that. The concert experience is a singular phenomenon and the band is constantly attracting new followers.

“Genres are blurred lines – there’s really just good music and bad music and that’s all subjective,” he said.

Great music surpasses the confines of genre, age and gender to bring people together. Gowan adds that many of the band’s newest fans weren’t even born when Styx made their greatest albums.

“It’s is a language we don’t completely understand but there’s something about music that connects people in a very profound way,” said Gowan.

Styx will be performing at The Rose, 245 East Green Street. Call 888-645-5006 or visit for tickets.


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