Pasadena-Based Produce Grower Scores Big with Disney Resorts

Published : Friday, November 2, 2018 | 6:01 PM

Pasadena-based fruit grower Sun Pacific and Disney have partnered to bring the popular citrus fruit brand “Cuties” to theme parks starting in November.

Sun Pacific is one of the largest produce growers in California, cultivating and selling mandarins, kiwis, navel and Valencia oranges, lemons and California table grapes across the United States.

Kate Reeb, marketing director for Sun Pacific, said Cuties will be sold at Disneyland beginning on Nov. 15 and the Disney World on Nov. 26, launching what will be a year-round program.

Cuties — a seedless Clementine mandarin grown by Sun Pacific here in California — also will be sold at resorts and hotels owned by Disney World, Reeb said.

Resort visitors will be able to purchase three-pack bags of Cuties at fruit carts and grab-and-go locations that sell fresh fruit, she said. Cuties will also be a side option in children’s meals at more than 16 quick-service restaurants, according to Reeb

The citrus fruit will also be available on menus at fine-dining restaurants where Cuties-related graphics will be featured in game sheets that are distributed to children at the restaurants.

To promote the new partnership, Reeb said Sun Pacific will be sponsoring a month-long national sweepstakes for consumers from mid-February to mid-March — with the top two prizes being all expense-paid trips to Disney parks.

Sun Pacific also will have a display contest for retailers to promote the sweepstakes, she said, in addition to coordinated social media campaigns with Disney.

In 1999, Sun Pacific founder and CEO, Berne Evans, brought to life the first large-scale California-grown Clementine mandarin production in North America.

Evans started Sun Pacific in 1969 when he purchased 72 acres of orange groves in the San Joaquin Valley.





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