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Sunshine and Savings

Solar power proves to save not only the environment, but also the money in your pocket

Published: Monday, March 22, 2010 | 10:48 AM


Floyd Auten, Brian Schumann and Chuck Schofield

With the financial problems going on all over the world, it wouldn’t be surprising to wish for a world where food is free, exercising doesn’t cost so much, and meters actually run backwards. You might have to look in another direction for the food and gym privileges, but solar power can actually help you out with the meter thing.

“It literally will spin your meter backwards,” laughs Floyd Auten, co-owner of SolarLogic, “It’s awesome to see.”

Still think solar power is more trouble than it’s worth?

SolarLogic is a company that specializes in the design and installation of solar power systems for residential and commercial owners. This group is here to proclaim to the world that solar power is the way to go in this day and age. While most people know that using it is more environment-friendly than other sources of energy, what they might not be aware of is the huge cut it can create on the electricity bill. As Brian Schumann, co-owner of SolarLogic explains, people can save money, not only with the utility rebates, but also because of the federal tax credit.

Chuck Schofield, their solar consultant, adds, “Because of where the rebates are right now, it’s a fantastic time to take advantage of both the utility rebates before they go down and the federal tax credit.” Solar panels are also cheaper now, the price driven down because of the economic situation. Add that with the fact that the system SolarLogic sets up has a life of 25 to 35 years and you’ll realize that the investment is worth it, especially for the homes or companies that have large monthly electricity bills.

The great thing about SolarLogic is that they leave it up to their customers to call the shots, from how much energy they’ll be getting from solar power to how it actually looks. Aesthetics is also something they pay attention to, and they talk about it with the property owners to come up with the best way to set up the panels. Solar panel manufacturers have also come up with new ways to create their panels, so it would not be hard to imagine design-savvy individuals to mix and match these with the rest of the house to be en vogue.

Of course, going solar is in itself a trendy choice these days. Maybe it’s because the past years saw people more protective of the environment, and Floyd and Brian are no different. “When Brian and I founded the company, this was part of the reason, to build a business where there was something we could feel good about, where we could feel like we’re making a difference environmentally,” says Floyd. “We’re passionate about the environment. The sun’s out there, we’re getting energy from the sun everyday. We’ve got to take advantage of it, we’ve got to find different ways to do things, with all the technology we have. We’re in 2010. Let’s act like were in 2010 and make a difference.”

And is the secret behind the backwards spinning meter a 2010 advancement? Floyd explains the mystery behind the reversing meter. “During the day when you create excess power, [it] spins the meters backwards, and you build a credit to use during the nighttime.”

Thank goodness for solar power to shed light in this mystery. SolarLogic is located at 407 W. Fleetwood Place, Glendora. For more information or a quote call (888) 960-0991 or log onto