Supervisor Barger Calls for Moratorium on County Use of Roundup Herbicide

Published : Tuesday, March 12, 2019 | 9:17 AM


Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger has introduced a motion asking the County of Los Angeles to stop using Roundup and conduct a study into the herbicide’s health and environmental impacts.

Barger said in a March 12, pre-board meeting statement that, though the county has established protocols for the use of Roundup, and is acting legally, “there is a growing body of scientific study around the safety of using herbicides and the potential for negative impact on human, animal, and environmental health.”


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County Sprayed Controversial Herbicide Known as “Roundup” in Northeast Pasadena


Roundup is the commercial name under which Monsanto, now merged with Bayer AG, has marketed the herbicide glyphosate.

If passed by the board, the motion would direct the Department of Public Works to conduct a study and report back to the council within 30 days. The study would be done with input from the departments of public health, parks and recreation, beaches and harbors, and the Agricultural Commission.

L.A. County of Public Works spokesman Kerjon Lee confirmed reports that spraying with Roundup was recently done in northeast Pasadena, specifically at a heliport in the Sierra Madre Debris Basin.

The county’s usage of Roundup, Lee said, is “limited and tightly controlled,” but residents and the city councilman in whose District Four the spraying was done, Gene Masuda, expressed concern once the action became known.

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