Suspicious Package with Threatening Note Detonated Outside Pasadena Police Headquarters

Plastic-wrapped package with ‘threatening note' attached found in Police HQ doorway

Published : Wednesday, August 9, 2017 | 4:39 AM

Pasadena firefighters watch Los Angeles County Bomb Squad members during a bomb threat incident outside Pasadena Police headquarters on Walnut Street on Tuesday, August 8, 2017. Photo by James Carbone.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad officers exploded a suspicious package left outside a doorway at the Pasadena Police Department on Walnut Street Tuesday afternoon.

According to Pasadena Police Lt. Art Chute, a plastic-wrapped box with a threatening note was found at about 1:15 p.m. Both Pasadena Police and Pasadena Fire responded to the call, along with the Sheriff’s bomb squad. Walnut Street between North Garfield and North Marengo Avenues was closed to vehicle traffic for approximately two hours during the incident.

Pasadena Public Information Officer William Boyer said at 2:45 pm, “We’re dealing with a suspicious package that was placed near the PPD building on Walnut Street side. I don’t know what the size of it is physically. They’ve requested the Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad to respond. That doesn’t mean it’s a bomb, that’s just the protocol.”

Patrons at the the main library were also asked to stay indoors, but the library was not officially closed.

A Pasadena Courthouse employee who answered the phone during the incident told a Pasadena Now reporter that the courthouse was unaffected by the incident, and remained open throughout the afternoon.

At about 3:15, bomb squad officers were heard to yell “fire in the hole” and then exploded the device. Two rapid explosions were heard in Downtown Pasadena at the time.

According to Chute, it was unknown whether the package contained explosive materials of its own. One sheriff’s deputy said, “All we know is that we exploded a package.”

Chute added that Pasadena Police would begin conducting an investigation immediately to determine the package’s actual contents, and the identity of the person who left the package.

The incident was the second involving Pasadena Police headquarters in the last few months. In March, a woman who claimed to be armed with a gun held Pasadena officers at bay for about 90 minutes Thursday outside Pasadena police headquarters before she was taken into custody by a SWAT team.

She claimed to be armed with a gun and threatened to harm herself, according to Pasadena Police Sergeant Anthony Burgess at the time.

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