Take a Hike in Local Mountains - Cooler Temps, Crystal Clear Air Make This the Perfect Season, Says Author Expert

Casey Schreiner, Hiking Author and Blogger, to Address Sierra Club on Wednesday

Published : Tuesday, March 5, 2019 | 6:22 AM

Images courtesy Modern Hiker website

Now’s the time to go take a hike in the San Gabriel Mountains, said outdoor blogger and author Casey Schreiner, who will make a presentation to the Sierra Club on Wednesday.

Schreiner is founder and editor-in-chief of the Modern Hiker blog ( www.modernhiker.com) , a popular resource for hikers and outdoor lovers. He’s the author of the best-selling “Day Hiking: Los Angeles”  as well as his forthcoming book, tentatively titled “User’s Guide to Griffith Park.” Both are published on the Mountaineers Books imprint.

“It’s the best time to be hiking because it’s clear and there are cooler temperatures now,” Schreiner said. “All those plants are waking up again. So this is when I really encourage people to get outside as much as possible.

Schreiner doesn’t advocate lying, but he suggests that the sooner the better if people are able to take off work during the week and hit the trails.

“I’ve even encouraged people to ‘calling out hiking,’ where if you can call work and pretend that you’re sick to take a day and go hiking if you need to,” he said. “If there’s really good weather, you should really take off around this time of year because it’s, it’s totally worth it.”

Schreiner said one of the spots he recommends for those new to hiking is the trail to Echo Mountain.

“It’s the ruins of a series of hotels that was built at the turn of the century, along an old railway grade,” he said. “So it’s right up at the end of Lake Avenue, where it stops and then turns to the West. That’s the trailhead to it. And you get to the ruins of what used to be called The White City. It was a famous tourist attraction landmark that was only up for a couple of years before it burned down. Now you can actually camp up there. So it’s a backpacking route and if you wanted to you can camp up there.”

For those looking to get into the interior of the San Gabriels, hit the Gabrielino trail with its long-distance trail network, Schreiner said.

“It was closed for a long time because of the Station fire back in 2009 and it just reopened last year,” he said. “So if you want to go backpacking around, that’s an awesome trail. You can do it in a long weekend.”

Schreiner said to check out Switzer falls near JPL, another stretch that’s on the Gabrielino trail. “The Arroyo seco will be flowing really nicely around this time of year. So that’s also another pretty exceptional trail type.”

On Wednesday, Schreiner will be talking about his favorite hikes and will be sharing a selection of trails he likes. He’s been presenting since he published the first book in 2016. “Day Hike: Los Angeles” is in its second edition.

“We think he’s a good speaker about our local trails,” said Don Bremner outings co-chair for the Pasadena chapter of The Sierra Club. “He’s hiked these trails and he’s written about them.”

In his book there’s are different sections for each ability, including a section for beginners, for people who want to see a good view or for hikers who want a something a little more challenging.

And even if you want to avoid the physical exertion, Schreiner will be showing the photographs he’s captured from the mountain top. He will also have copies of “Day Hiking: Los Angeles” for sale.

The event will be held in the Eaton Canyon Natural Area Park & Nature Center at 1750 N. Altadena Dr., Pasadena.

Doors open 7:00 p.m. for socializing and refreshments, program starts 7:30 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome.

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