TEDxPasadena Gets Ready to ‘Transform’ at 2018 Event

Attendees minglingCTRL CollectiveDawn Fanning Moore, Heather Heimerl Brunold, Rebecca HausslingEcho Factory teamThe Crowd


5:11 pm | May 8, 2018

TEDxPasadena has unveiled the theme for its September 22 event, “Transform,” at the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino.

TEDxPasadena is an independently organized event licensed by TED, known for its Technology, Entertainment and Design talks, and will bring together thought leaders for the all-day event.

The theme was announced before more than 125 guests, including key community leaders, past TEDxPasadena and TEDxPasadenaWomen supporters and corporate partners April 26 at CTRL Collective, on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena.

TEDxPasadena will bring veteran TEDxPasadena and TEDxPasadenaWomen licensee, executive director Heather Heimerl Brunold, together with new co-organizers, including Dawn Fanning Moore heading up production and operations, and Rebecca Love Haussling overseeing development and marketing, the organization announced.

“This year’s theme celebrates our ability to transform, from subtle internal shifts to seismic quantifiable ones,” Brunold said. “Our program will include an amazing roster of speakers that will explore stories and words that change the way we think, experience, contribute to and live in the world – and we are excited to see how they transform us. I’m thrilled to be producing this year’s event with an exceptional team of community leaders, including my co-organizers, Dawn and Rebecca.”

TEDxPasadena will feature a full program with more than 12 dynamic speakers. The theme Transform was inspired by the otherworldly facets of transformation: caterpillars to butterflies, winter to spring, simple marks on paper to a stunning portrait.

“So many transformations are visual but the world is full of transformations that are far less conspicuous – and no less meaningful,” Brunold added. “Sublime joy, wrenching tragedy, an enlightened conversation – these, too, can transform. And so can words and stories.”

Individual tickets sales are limited and will be available through www.TEDxPasadena.org starting July 15. TEDxPasadena organizers are seeking scholarship patrons, corporate partners and event sponsors who are interested in benefits that include customized day-of branding opportunities.

For more information, visit www.TedxPasadena.org, or contact Rebecca Love Haussling, Co-organizer and Director of Development and Marketing, at rebecca@tedxpasadena.org.

More information is also available at www.facebook.com/tedxpasadena, and www.Instagram.com/tedxpasadena.