Pasadena Terrorism and Workplace Violence Expert Gives Safe Haven on Popular Radio Show, ‘Listen Up with Jim Potts”

Published : Tuesday, April 16, 2019 | 5:26 AM

[Updated] Jim Potts knows how to keep America safe. The Pasadena-based terrorism and safety expert is a top resource on protecting businesses and everyday people in dangerous situations — online and in the real, on-edge world today.

The law enforcement expert and lawyer has a popular call-in radio show called “Listen Up with Jim Potts,” that is broadcast on on Sundays at 3 p.m. (PST). Potts publishes a blog by the same name, and he is in demand as a keynote speaker and seminar provider. He talks about safety in the workplace, in shopping malls and online.

His message is to be aware of potentially dangerous situations whether you’re working, running errands or even at the gym.

“Don’t think it can’t happen to you,” Potts said in an interview with “You’ve got to start paying attention out there now. You’ve got to be aware; you’ve got to be vigilant and you’ve got to be safe.”

Potts has a remarkable background. His Pasadena-based company, Potts and Associates, works with companies, helping employers to stay safe physically and financially. He started out protecting employers against human resources issues then gradually moved into helping employers with “anything that an employer need,” he said.

He’s delivered speeches on the domestic terrorism in front of business associations, political groups, and political associations all over the United States.

“I really seek to protect employers from the ground up, no matter what it is,” he said.

But his expertise can be used by people in all walks of life, he said.

His radio show, “Listen Up with Jim Potts” on covers the gamut of safety issues. He talks about subjects many people don’t want to discuss or know only what the media presents. Potts said his “Listen Up with Jim Potts” is committed to bringing businesses and the general public into a heightened awareness of the issues surrounding the workplace.

Citizens can’t afford to be lackadaisical when it comes to being aware of their surroundings, he said.

“You have to understand that we’re living in different times,” Potts said. “Those are the things that I’m trying to emphasize to people. We are living in different times.”

Potts said workplace shootings have increased overall but, violent incidents have occurred since the 1700s, it’s just that with the Internet, these incidents receive increased attention. Workplace violence is a real concern that falls under the broad banner of domestic terrorism.

“My whole attitude is that this ties in because business, they get situations where you have a disgruntled former employee, disgruntled current employee, irate customers and domestic violence. All of those situations, (come) into the work environment and that’s part of domestic terrorism.

“If you look at these events that happened with these active shooters, a lot of times these active shooters are also going back into the work environment,” Potts said. “You have more issues that way than you truly have from a domestic terrorism standpoint.”

Of all the topics his listeners are interested in, which are of most interest?

“Discussions about the second amendment,” he said. “There was also a show that was done where we talked about how to protect your computer from hacking, cybersecurity, whether it’s at home or at the office. That was a very popular one.

“You know, in general, people just want to be safe and they want to understand some of these things,” he said. “‘Why Kids Kill’ was very popular. I went through that because that was a two-week episode. It’s not what people think to make a long story short. To be honest with you, a lot of people are just concerned about the issues that we’re being faced with as a nation regarding our safety. “

Potts encourages listeners to tune in and call or email to get questions and comments on the air. You can reach him at

For more, visit or call 626-396-1070.


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