Tesla Pasadena Imperiled as Company Sales Move Online

Published : Friday, March 1, 2019 | 6:33 PM

Tesla is moving its sales operations to the Internet, a decision bound to impact the company’s Old Pasadena outlet since stores not closed by the company will be transitioned to “galleries or information centers,” according to the carmaker.

Company spokeswoman Gina Antonini confirmed media reports derived from a conference call with Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Feb. 28, that said the company would be closing its bricks and mortar sales outlets and going to an online sales format.

In his conference call, Musk said a “small number” of stores in “high traffic locations” would become galleries, showcases and information centers. Antonini said it’s too early to report or speculate on which stores are to be axed and which are to be made-over into something distinct.

“This will be a several-months transition,” said Antonini, “during which we will keep a number of stores and transition them to galleries or information centers so people can still learn about our products and see them first hand.”

Antonini added that, though cutting back on retail outlets, Tesla is increasing its investment in the service system, which is good news for potential customers but no balm for those selling cars at 117 West Colorado Boulevard.

A call to the Tesla Store in Old Town yielded a response from an Alex in the sales department that there would be no comment on how many people work at the facility and what their jobs are.

Antonini was also unwilling to breakout a headcount of employees at the local outlet.






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