Thanksgiving Means Bunnies, Too, at Local Bunny Museum

Published : Wednesday, November 21, 2018 | 3:07 PM

Reasons to visit Altadena’s Bunny Museum on Thanksgiving Day are multiplying like, well, rabbits, to hear co-curator Candice Frazee tell it.

The Museum’s traditional Thanksgiving Day opening this year gives Frazee and co-curator (and husband) Steve Lubanski the chance to show off their newly opened “Gallery of Original Bunny Art” (known as the GOOBA).

And, she excitedly reveals, not one but two new murals by well-regarded Chicago artist Sick Fisher.

The Bunny Museum, operated at first in their Pasadena home by the “Lubunnzee” (as they are called as a couple), now numbers well north of 35,500 rabbit-themed artifacts,

This museum is not recommended for pre-school children and it is not a petting zoo, Frazee explains. It is a proper museum.

“Children are welcome, for sure, but they are not the target audience,” the couple explains online. “The Bunny Museum tells the history of bunnies in advertising, art, entertainment, fashion, film, and everyday vernacular.”

The idea for a bunny museum came from a single plush bunny that Lubanski gave Frazee on Valentine’s Day in 1993, when she also started calling her husband “Honey Bunny.”

They opened the Museum in 1998 when they’ve had enough bunnies to display, including those they have given each other during holidays, and stuff their friends donated.

In 1999, the museum earned its Guinness World Record with 8,437 bunnies. They renewed the title in 2011 to mark the Year of the Rabbit and plan to renew again the next time it comes around in 2023.

As is customary, the Museum will be open Thanksgiving Day from 12 noon until 6 p.m. It is located at 2605 Lake Avenue in Altadena. Admission is $12 for those 13 years and older, $10 for seniors and the military, $8 for children 5 and up and children under 4 and younger are free.







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