Thanksgiving Rains Caused Flurry of Collisions Around Pasadena

Published : Thursday, November 28, 2019 | 10:10 AM

Photo courtesy Pasadena Fire Dept.

Rainy conditions Thanksgiving Day caused traffic collisions on both side streets and on local freeways. For the most part the collisions were small fender benders with no major injuries reported.

In one case, a car went off a street and slammed into a house.

“Unfortunately, whenever we see this type of weather, we do see an increase in traffic collision both on the side streets and on the freeways, this morning already we’ve responded to a couple of them,” said Pasadena spokesperson Lisa Derderian.

Derderian reminds drivers to allow plenty of time to get to your destination, use your headlights when you’re driving in the rain and to plan accordingly.

Check routes ahead of time Derderian said, because in this type of weather routes may be closed because of mud or debris flow or flood conditions. So check your routes before you head out to family gatherings today.

Derderian said, “We haven’t had rain like this for a while. It’s steady rain expected to last through the rest of the day.

In one incident a silver Chevy crashed into a house located on the 1400 block of Elizabeth Ave. There was no significant structural damage to the house reported.

Derderian said the possible cause was driver impairment. The driver was transported to the hospital and their condition was unknown.

The house was vacant with nobody inside when the crash occurred. Initial reports said that no gas lines, electrical or water lines were impacted.

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