The Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation: Bridging the Gap in the World of Performing Arts

Published : Tuesday, October 31, 2017 | 1:55 PM

Maki Hsieh is not only a world class accomplished violinist and 12-language vocalist, she is also taking on a new role:
Executive Director of the Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation.

The Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains the Arcadia Performing Arts Center.

Hsieh oversees all aspects of the foundation. But Hsieh’s favorite job is to help raise money for the foundation. Some of that money goes for scholarships for performing arts students in the area.

Hsieh is trying to help the center reach new demographics, one of them being millennials.

“We have a very strong millennial demographic because the center is located strategically adjacent to the Arcadia High School. Every year, 1350 high school teens come through the center to train. Our foundation reaches out to these teens by providing unique ways to volunteer, work, crew, perform in professional events so that they could come together as a group and as a community.”

“I believe that culture is a global passport that makes it fun and comfortable for different people to enjoy new experiences, so we serve these millennials by maintaining the performing arts center, which is also a daily classroom for high school performing arts groups,” she said.

By help maintaining the center, they will attract more people; especially more young people.

“There are 800 students inArcadia Music Club and they all use the center. We are the busiest venue in Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley.”

Hsieh says that growing up as an American in Asia and her executive experience with The Walt DisneyCompanyhelped her understand how to bridge the gap when it comes to generations and culture. She brought that experience to her job as Executive Director.

She is also using that experience to help her on the business side of the foundation as well. Her experience taught her in order to bring in not only millennials but others; you have to keep ticket prices affordable.

“If your child is a student through college, their tickets are always 20 percent off of all face value tickets, plus another 30 percent off of promotional discounts, so students can get 50 percent off of all tickets if they jump on a promotion early.”

The same 30 percent discount applies to the community too she says.

Another way the foundation is reaching out is by providing college scholarships to talented students who have demonstrated leadership in the arts.

“Every year the foundation gives four scholarships to Arcadia High School seniors who have excelled in the performing arts with the hope that the small scholarship of $500 each would help encourage them to keep training in the arts in the future.”

“Donors who pledge over $100,000 have the opportunity to increase the scholarships by $500 each. We just had two major donors step forward, so this year the seniors who are going to apply (for the scholarship) will be receiving a $1,500 scholarship each,” said Hsieh.

The main thing Hsieh wants people to understand is that she wants the arts to bring people together especially in the polarizedclimate today.

“The most important thing that I would love all of your readers to know is the importance of unity,” she says.

“The vision is unity, the vision is using culture as a magnet that draws people together and fosters understanding.

“The theme this season is ‘Come Together.’ The idea is that through sharing powerful experiences, people across generations, races, and nationalities can come together around a mutual feeling of supporting culture and next generation excellence.”

The Arcadia Performing Arts Center is located at 188 Campus Drive, Arcadia, CA 91007.






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