The Big Day Blows Into Town, With Chilly Winds and Sunny Skies

Published : Tuesday, January 1, 2019 | 6:27 AM

The New Year is blowing into Pasadena with gusty winds expected to reach 25 to 35 mph and chilly temperatures under a blue dome of bright, sunny skies.

Thousands of Rose Parade campers spent the night in temperatures which dropped to the upper 30’s.

Officials report no major incidents along the parade route last night.

Pasadena police Lt. Pete Hettema said a final tally showed a total of seven arrests overnight, all for public intoxication. The Pasadena Fire Dept. responded to an “average number of medical calls for a New Year’s Eve,” according to Pasadena spokeswoman Lisa Derderian.

“We had fire patrol units out all night and did see more warming fires,” Derderian said.

“It was a family campground along the parade route as it should be,” she said “People came prepared.  With thousands lining the route overnight we’ll always have public safety incidents but majority of people view it as tradition and creating great experiences.”

Wind gusts are expected to be strongest along the easternmost portions of the parade route today, but Tournament officials said the floats are expected to weather the wind with few problems.

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