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The Future of eBikes is Coming

With the coming of the Bosch motor system, eBikes are about to get a huge boost in power, efficiency and reliability.

Published: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 | 3:06 PM

Ebikes are about to get a major boost as the Bosch motor system is about to hit American shores next year.

Massively popular in Europe, the USA version of the motor system will be more powerful and zippier (as most US state laws are more liberal than Europe’s). Brio Electric Bikes in Monrovia will be carrying several models from Haibike, a German brand imported by Currie/IZIP, that features the new Bosch motor system.

Haibike models will feature Bosch’s Performance Line motor, and is designed for sportive, powerful cycling and accelerating in hilly terrain. The motor is mounted at the crank (pedal arms), which gives better weight distribution than hub motors, and allows the motor to run more efficiently.

The Haibikes themselves are beautiful bikes that look more like modern mountain and hybrid bikes than electric bikes. There are full suspension models, making off road riding possible for the less athletic. The battery is pack mounted where the water bottle rack is usually found, which makes them look ‘natural’ and a low center of gravity.

Haibike, as all bikes with the Bosch system, won’t come cheap and will not be available until the spring. If you don’t want to wait and spend top dollar for the latest, check out the 2013 clearance going on now at Brio.

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