The Great School Giveaway: Judson International Relocates, Gives Away Scores of Educational Items

Published : Monday, June 10, 2019 | 5:35 AM

Judson International School will be on the move to Eagle Rock and making a new home. And, as usual, the school has plenty to give.

Many educational items, and fun items too are available at the school prior to its actual relocation. So it’s a good time to come by and pick up some beautiful childrens items, said Kim Aasland, Director of Admissions and Marketing for Judson International School.

It took a long time to find the right location, Aasland said.

“We didn’t want to be too far, so that we could maintain our current families,” she said. “We looked within a 7-mile radius. We looked all over. It was a huge process.”

The school has plenty left to give the community in the form of books, playground equipment and other items that won’t make the move and the public is invited to come and check out the educational and arts assets.

The students have a focus of giving, Aasland said. Of the many projects the students have accomplished, one project in particular comes to mind for Aasland.

“Even the little ones at our school do a ministry project,” she said. “One of them is they did these ‘Love Packets’ for the homeless. They collected soap and socks and all the kids made handmade cards like ‘Don’t Give Up’ and they put them in plastic bags and they prayed over them and some families would keep them in the car. If you see someone on the stoplight on the street they have something to give.”

But while some of the schools favorite items won’t make the move, the good spirit will. And it’s a good chance to give back to the beloved Pasadena institution that has supported the community and environs for 28 years. The school broke away, became its own 501C3 and then started looking for properties.

The new location brings new opportunity, Aasland said.

“As we’ve explored the area we found that section of town doesn’t have a lot of private schools,” Aasland said. “We’ve had many people telling us ‘We’re so glad you’re moving.’ We felt like Moses in the wilderness knowing that we were going to a new place but not knowing where it was going to be.”

Judson International School will open in July 2019 with school beginning August 19, 2019, Aasland said. For the school, its students and parents there have been enriching journeys through ministry for 28 years in Pasadena.

Judson’s former location was on the campus of William Carey International University which was sold this year to EF (Education First), a for-profit educational corporation.

“Basically our school has only been on this campus, been owned by the US Center for World Mission, it was a joint effort with William Carey International University,” Aasland said. “The school was started as a school for children of people who worked on campus. It operated that way for eight years.

“We renamed the school and we opened it up as Judson, made it open to neighborhood kids and then added the capacity to have international students. We added a high school several years ago and it really has been evolving and growing.”

Judson’s new location is on the campus of Eagle Rock Baptist Church in their K-12 school building, which was formerly occupied by Westminster Academy. The school will share Eagle Rock Baptist’s sanctuary for weekly chapels.

Judson International School is a non-denominational K-12 Christian school with a focus on international work. It is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges. There are 120 students, 12 per class average, which enables more individualized learning, Aasland said.

New students are welcome to apply. About 70 percent of the student body is American and 30 percent is international. Many of Judson’s faculty and staff have lived internationally.

The students go all-out to help others, going on local missions and the kids serve at places like Midnight Mission.

“We want our kids to develop a heart of compassion,” Aasland said.”I think one thing children are longing for is a sense of community. We care for one another and together we care for the world. Academics is important but academics without character is not enough for a fruitful life.”

Judson’s Giveaway runs Monday, June 10 through Friday, June 14, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. daily, at 1610 E. Elizabeth St., Pasadena. There are “no set prices — we just ask that you make a donation to our moving fund,” school officials said. For more call (626) 429-0684.


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