‘The Power of Hope’ Plays Role in Business World, Says Tournament President Laura Farber at Annual Chamber Breakfast

Published : Friday, December 6, 2019 | 6:00 AM

It was an informative and social morning as the Tournament of Roses President Laura Farber was honored at the annual Pasadena Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Hilton.

Farber is the first Latina and third woman to serve as President of the Tournament of Roses.

“’The Power of Hope’ is a theme that everyone can relate to,” said the Argentina-born attorney. “This theme has touched everyone. And everyone has a way of relating to it. It can apply to so many things in life. It’s your perspective and no one can take it away.

The Tournament brings big business to the region, Farber said.

“The last time we had a study was 2018, and it showed that the Parade and the Game provide a $200 million boost in direct and indirect spending over the last week.”

Farber said repeat business is a wonderful phenomenon.

“Ninety percent of the people who come for our event say they’re coming back,” Farber said. “That’s repeat business and that’s good for all of

Southern California.

“We are not only talking about this moment in time, but also plans for the future, with 166,00 out-of-towners come for the parade and 78,000 out-of-towners come for the game.

“There’s $38 million in tax revenue and $48.5 million spent by locals, according to our economic impact report,” Farber said. “We created 2,062 full-time jobs from what we do. Industries accommodations, food, entertainment and hospitality.”

Farber said she’s delighted with her accomplishments as President of the Tournament. She also said she’s proud that so many women are representing this year.

“We visited Whiteman Air Force base and they’re training B2 pilots, this year for the first time a woman will be in B2 flying over the game one and there will be a woman in a B2 flying over the parade.”

There will also be a few special floats, including one that celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. On one float, Pasadena Celebrates 2020, there will be 100 women dressed as suffragettes.

But mostly she’s happy for the support she’s receiving and to be fortunate to be a part of the wonderful opportunity.

“Thank you so much to the Chamber and the community,” Farber said.

Paul Little, President and CEO of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, was enthusiastic about Farber.

“Laura’s a terrific speaker, she talked about her experiences in her life and over the last year,” said Paul Little, president of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. “A lot of people did not realize she’s an immigrant as her family came here from Argentina to escape the violence. Her family came here to find safety and build a life with opportunities.”

The Pasadena Rose Queen, Camille Kennedy, and the Royal Princesses were also on hand, each sporting cool black slacks topped with tan textured jackets.

There are many reasons the business community should be happy to partner with the Tournament of Roses. Many people make the trip to see the Rose Parade and stay for the Rose Bowl Game.

“The folks who come here for those events spend money here and portions of that money goes towards peoples’ salaries and that puts food on the table,” Little said. “It’s a big driver. Our little City is more than on the map, but the Tournament also has an impact with marketing the area as well.”

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