The Power of Prayer: 4 Ways Lake Avenue Church Can Help You with Your Prayer Life

Published : Friday, April 13, 2018 | 12:20 PM

Sometimes, things happen beyond our control. Whether it’s a family tragedy, job loss, or something as simple as a missed opportunity, you may have found yourself turning to prayer on more occasions than one.

You may have prayed that someone passed away in peace and that their close relatives will be able to move on in time. You may have prayed that you or a family member managed to gain an employment opportunity. You may have even prayed that the weather would stay warm and dry on your child’s birthday.

Whether or not you are religious, prayer can help all of us. Pasadena’s Lake Avenue Church is one of the places where a strong community has been built around the simple yet great power of prayer.

If you’re interested in getting closer to God or perhaps just starting out on your spiritual journey, Lake Avenue Church will welcome you into its House of Prayer.

Here are just a few ways that the church can help:

1. Lake is all about partnership and harnessing the great power that comes with group prayer. By praying in a group, the prayer becomes even more powerful. Becoming part of the Lake community also means that you will have support in times of need.

2. For those who are perhaps struggling with finances, careers or family lives, Lake Avenue Church’s weekend intercessors are there to help. They can help elevate your prayers and again, offer that much-needed support. Prayer Intercessors are available in the Family Life Center Prayer Room after the Saturday 5 pm service and after the Sunday 9 am and 11 am services.

3. Men, in particular, can sometimes feel isolated in their thoughts. Since the end of World War II, the church has held a men’s prayer group where anyone can voice their hopes and thoughts. It is held at 6:30 am every Tuesday morning. Women are invited to join other women in community and prayer at our Morning and Evening Break communities each week.

4. If you would like to receive anonymous or a private prayer request can simply request a prayer on our website, or simply email Alternatively, confidential prayer cards can be found in the church pews, and in the literature racks around campus.

Lake Avenue Church seeks to be a safe place where you can have your life’s concerns, hopes, and needs prayed for and where you can be known.

Lake Avenue Church is located at 393 N Lake Ave, in Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 844-4700 or visit








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