This Car is So Special, Pasadena Luxury Motor Dealership Has Only One

Published : Thursday, May 18, 2017 | 5:54 AM

Pasadena’s Rusnak/Bentley Rolls-Royce Maserati dealership will have only one car available for test drives when Karma Automotive, the Irvine-based car manufacturer that spun out of Fisker Automotive, starts selling its new ultra-luxury hybrid car, the Revero.

A company announcement said Karma will be selling the car at an experience center in its Irvine headquarters as well as through third-party dealerships in several U.S. cities and two locations in Canada.

But to test-drive, all West Coast customers will have to make an appointment with the Pasadena Rusnak/Bentley Rolls-Royce Maserati dealership for the one car that’s available.

The dealership is located at 285 W. Colorado Blvd. Its phone number: (310) 721-3051.

Trucks rolled out of Karma’s Moreno Valley production facility Friday to deliver just a few of the $130,000 Reveros to partner showrooms across the U.S., an The Orange County Register report said this week.

Other dealerships are located at Atlanta, Chicago, Fort Worth, Palm Beach and Miami, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Montreal and Toronto.

Karma says the Revero runs up to 50 miles from its lithium-ion battery, supplied by A123 which also provided batteries for Fisker Automotive. After the first 50 miles, the gas-powered generator engages to propel the vehicle. At the end of the Revero’s 300-mile range, the driver can either recharge the battery, or simply fill the gas tank to continue on the trip.

The Revero’s solar roof can generate up to 560 watts of power from seven hours of sunlight. The car’s battery can also be charged up to 80 percent in 24 minutes, Karma says.

Wanxiang Group Corp., a Chinese auto parts company, bought Fisker Automotive for about $150 million during a bankruptcy auction in 2014 and renamed it Karma. The company unveiled the Revero in September.

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