This Pro Helps Prepare People for Life’s Inevitables

Published : Thursday, November 30, 2017 | 12:39 PM

Pasadena Now - This Pro Helps Prepare People for Life’s Inevitables

Tamela Rucker’s professional life revolves around educating people to prepare for the inevitable.

For Rucker, a agent for Combined Insurance, A Chubb Company selling insurance is not about making a quick buck.

“I’m selling you insurance or any of our products to prepare you for something or to help you in the long run. Cover some daily expenses if you get hurt or injured on or off work,” Rucker said.

She also is a real believer in the company she represents.

“Combined is a great company, we’ve been in business since 1922 not just by fluke, we’re doing something right. So in order for us to continue to do what we do, we have to make sure that everything we do is ethically done, a very important passionate thing that we really believe in. If I don’t believe in my product, I can’t sell my product, and I believe in it,” she said.

Rucker stressed the importance of getting insured, even if most people think that getting an insurance policy is quite expensive if they did not get it at a younger age.

“I just feel like, as many lives as I can get in front of and help to prepare for an inevitable situation that we know will happen, that makes me feel good. Because if I can talk to a family who say for instance, lost a loved one but they were not prepared because they didn’t have life insurance or they didn’t have the money to bury their loved one. So I try to go out and educate families on the importance of life insurance and the way I use it is that, “You know what, I get it. It might be a little expensive right now, but guess what, in the end, in the long run, it’s going to be so beneficial to you you’re going to thank me when the time comes,” she said.

Rucker said getting insurance is like buying peace of mind knowing that a portion or your entire burial will be taken care of after your death and that your loved ones will be able to mourn
You’re passing instead of figuring out how they will come up with the monies to bury you.

“It’s just like having car insurance, you have car insurance because it’s required but you may never use it, but for us as humans, unfortunately death is going to come. So why not prepare yourself for something that is going to come sooner or later and then you think about what if it’s an accident or what if it’s God forbid, it’s just something that happens. At least you know that your loved ones that you leave behind are going to be ok and that you will not leave them with the stress of giving you a proper burial. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but just be enough to bury you with peace. Knowing that you set it up. It might only be $10,000 but guess what, I can do something with that $10,000 and my family doesn’t have to go have a car wash. They don’t have to struggle and be stressed out.”

As for getting an insurance policy , Rucker said there could be no other better and trusted insurance company to talk to about it than Combined Insurance, A Chubb Company which she represents.

“I’m going to say that people should talk to me about insurance because Combined, A Chubb Company has been around for ages. we are in over 30 countries and Chubb is one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world. So when coming on board with Combined as an agent, they provide you all the training necessary to educate people that you sell insurance to. So if I can’t educate you on what I sell or why you need to buy whole-life vs. term-life or why you should have an accident policy, a cancer policy or even a critical care policy then I shouldn’t be selling insurance,” she said.

And educating the insurance buyer is important with Combined Insurance said Rucker. According to Rucker, educating the potential insurance buyer means not charging them for something which they cannot afford to pay but educating them on why it’s important and why may a couple of trips to Starbucks should not be priority, but getting some supplemental Insurance place should.

“One of the things that Combined educated us on is the income rule. So we were educated to not have someone pay over 3% annually for their insurance because we make sure, so if I go to a waitress and I want to sell her my cancer policy but she only makes $10 an hour and she’s 50, well to me that’s going to go over that 3% threshold. So now I’m going to tell her, well you know what, this is a great policy for you but you know what, let’s go over his needs assessment pamphlet and it breaks down what is really affordable, so maybe it’s the sickness policy or the critical care that covers cancer and is a few dollars less expensive. We always focus on selling quality business. We build long lasting relationships, not just make a sale and disappear. So that means that we don’t want you to buy a policy because we educated you on it and it sounds so great and you just have to have it but then in 3 months you can’t afford it,” she said, we want you to continue being covered and ok with the monthly payments.

Rucker added that Combined Insurance also encourages potential insurance policy buyers to do their research after hearing about Combined.

“We try to encourage our customers to do their research on Combined, A Chubb Company. So at this point, we have 160 billion in assets and we have $5.8 billion dollars in life insurance policies in force right now in North America,” and “7.8 million policies in effect in North America”. she said.

According to Rucker, getting an insurance policy from Combined Insurance also means savings to its customers. Small business and large businesses benefit from our policies as well as they can offer to employees as a great voluntary supplemental benefit.

“I believe that with Combined insurance, at the end of the day, we’ll save you money. We’re totally different than major medical. So even if you have an AFLAC or a Colonial, I just think that you should really just look into our products and listen to what I have to say because the voluntary supplemental benefits that I may be able to offer to you or your employee would give them a chance to choose. And if it’s something that they really still want to do but they feel like one of the other companies are too expensive, just look into us because most of the time we will be able to save you money,” she said.

According to Rucker, while AFLAC’s and Colonial, Liberty all offer an accident policy, our Accident policy has 21 benefits which you can add you family as well and starts at only $15.17/month. And it follows you where ever you go, change jobs, new state etc.

“So there’s a very big difference comparing Benefits apples to apples,” she said.

“Let’s Make This Easy” Rucker says, “We Pay Cash Directly To You”.

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