Thousands Seek Jobs in Pasadena at Hire Live Event Wednesday

Thousands Seek Jobs in Pasadena at Hire Live Event WednesdayThousands Seek Jobs in Pasadena at Hire Live Event WednesdayThousands Seek Jobs in Pasadena at Hire Live Event WednesdayThousands Seek Jobs in Pasadena at Hire Live Event Wednesday

Photography and reporting by HEATHER LAWRENCE | Written by ANDY VITALICIO

3:52 pm | September 16, 2015

Thousands of jobseekers came face to face with hiring managers from local, national and Fortune 500 companies during the Pasadena Job and Careers Fair at the Hilton Pasadena Wednesday morning.

The event was organized by Hire Live, a full scale recruitment organization based in Laguna Niguel, California, that has been producing highly professional, niche-based career fairs for sales management and marketing professionals all over the United States.

Scott Spicer, Hire Live’s Senior National Account Manager, said the service they provide helps companies save time and money by drawing them and potential talents into one event, rather than marketing to their individual needs.

“Today we have ten companies here looking to hire immediately, which means they do not usually hire on the spot, but it is like doing the first two interviews in one day,” Spicer said. “If they get an invitation to come back to the offices, it’s game on, and it gets rather serious for the candidate.”

The companies located candidates by the job sites they put in resume solicited earlier, and then sent them emails to attend the career fair, along with tips on how to dress and be prepared for the event.

Some of the companies at the event include New York Life Insurance Company, which was looking for Life Insurance advisors. Company recruiter Daryl Earle said they were looking for people who are resilient, money motivated entrepreneurs. He said he had seen great results with these events.

First Data, a technology and financial transaction company based in Atlanta, was at the job fair looking for outside salespeople. Jason Stanchfield, Sales Director for First Data, said the demographics in such an event can make a difference in finding more qualified candidates.

“If an event, for example, is near a college, usually the candidate will have no work experience,” Stanchfield said. “We are looking for people in their second or third career.”

Farmers Insurance was looking for project managers, claims adjusters, auto damage representatives and office assistants for nationwide positions, many in California.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) was looking for automotive technicians, sales supervisors, audit managers and a couple of branch specialists for its Pasadena office.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, under the Department of Homeland Security, was hiring Border Patrol Agents, CBP officers and Air and Marine Interdiction Agents.

Angela Hernandez, a Border Patrol agent and recruiter, said they now have over 14,000 job openings for agents, owing to layoffs and retirements.

“It used to be that for one job opening, there would be 20 applicants; but now, for every job opening, we get 120 applications,” Hernandez said.

The agency is looking for “super fit” people, Hernandez said, and they might as well visit some of the local gyms to seek out candidates as another avenue to hire.

Most of the job candidates were glad they were able to attend the event and meet with hiring managers.

“I’m really more of a people person,” job candidate Lori Oswald said. “I would rather talk to someone in person than be on the phone with them.”

Oswald was able to speak with a few human resources personnel today and things, she said, look promising. She has a part-time job and has been looking for six weeks for something full time.

Chris Bogg came to apply for a job at AAA as a sales agent, but changed his mind and handed out his resumes to other companies at the fair. He still has to hear from them.