Three Possible Locales for Permanent Pickleball Courts Under Review Today

Published : Tuesday, April 3, 2018 | 5:33 AM

Pickleball Courts

Pasadena, are you ready for a lot more pickleball? If so, you are about to get your wish.

Three locations for permanent pickleball courts have been recommended by City staff for review by Pasadena’s Recreation and Parks Commission. They will be discussed at the regular Commission meeting Tuesday, April 3 at 6 p.m.

On February 6, Pasadena Recreation and Parks Commission staffers provided a progress report on the planning effort for permanent pickleball courts. A summary of the design criteria that was developed through the pickleball working group was provided, and 19 park locations that met most, or all, the necessary criteria were established.

Staff from Human Services as well as Recreation and Public Works reviewed the list of parks and considered existing uses and frequency of uses in the park, the characteristics of the surrounding neighborhoods, and the perception of how easy or difficult implementation would be.

For the 12 locations where staff could identify a potential court installation location, an exhibit was prepared and reviewed by the pickleball working group. For each of these locations, staff provided a summary of site factors and design considerations, and a staff analysis and recommendation.

Central, Vina Vieja, or Brookside have made the cut as the top three potential locations for a permanent pickleball facility. The consensus was reached after reviewing the locales and discussing the practicality of implementing a project.

For Central Park, pickleball courts may be located in its southwest portion, just south of the new restroom structure. Six to eight pickleball courts could fit this area. This portion of the park is located near Fair Oaks Avenue and Del Mar Boulevard.

There is an established effort of adding activity and increasing programming at Central Park, and pickleball courts would be instrumental in helping achieve this goal. Through several conversations with Central Park stakeholders—including local residents and business representatives—the idea of pickleball courts has been well-received, and staff believes this support would continue. Staff recommends Central Park as the preferred location for permanent pickleball courts.

Vina Vieja Park pickleball courts may be located in the undeveloped portion of the park, south of Alice’s Dog Park. Vina Vieja is the only location where a full 12 courts (and more) could fit. The linear character of the space lends itself to this type of use.

The space is buffered to the west by the Eaton Wash flood control channel and on the east by the wide power line corridor. Vina Vieja represents the only site that has undeveloped parkland and as such, cannot be overlooked as a possible location. Staff recommends Vina Vieja as the second potential location for permanent pickleball courts.

Brookside Park pickleball courts may be located in the open grass area adjacent to Jackie Robinson Field, commonly known as the “Dog Training Area,” which would accommodate eight pickleball courts. HSR staff has determined the dog training activities that currently occur could be relocated to a different location. Other potential areas at Brookside Park were considered, such as the undeveloped area along the Arroyo Seco Channel known as the “J west” parking lot and a location deeper within the park within the existing picnic areas.

Moving forward, and with the identification of a preferred location, staff will focus the planning effort accordingly as its next steps to bringing the pickleball courts to fruition.

Additionally, city staffers and the Pickleball Working Group will develop a more detailed design concept and present it for community and commission input soon.

Tuesday’s meeting of the Recreation And Parks Commission will take place on the on the second floor of 233 West Mountain Street in Pasadena.

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