Toilet Paper Arson Fire at Marshall Could Have Serious Consequences

Published : Friday, December 6, 2019 | 12:34 PM

Students were safely evacuated today at Marshall School after smoke was detected coming from a restroom.

Reports from authorities said the call came in at 9:53 a.m. and was a small toilet paper fire in the men’s bathroom on the first floor that was quickly extinguished.

While students were evacuated firefighters ventilated smoke from the bathroom, and shortly afterwards, the all clear was given and students returned to class.

Hilda Ramirez Horvath, Pasadena Unified School District spokesperson, said the school sent a message out to parents informing them of the situation.

An arson investigator was called to the school to confirm the cause and try to determine who started the fire.

Pasadena spokesperson Lisa Derderian said, “it’s arson, so if they’re able to determine who started the fire, that’s a serious offense.”

“We take this very seriously because a toilet paper fire could easily spread into other parts of the school or cause injury to the person or persons in the area, the person setting it or the persons in the area.”

“And nowadays with heightened awareness at schools,” Derderian continued, “when students, parents and bystanders see emergency personnel at a school, there’s a heightened awareness now with everything that’s been going on. So it’s a concern of ours when something like this is intentionally set that it’s unnecessary and avoidable and so we will determine who started it and there could be serious charges affiliated with this arson case.”

The investigation is continuing.

There were no injuries from the fire reported, although parents reported on social media that a female student suffered a seizure elsewhere on the campus in an unrelated incident. She was reportedly transported to a hospital for treatment.

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