Transportation Advisory Commission Meets Monday, One of Very Few City Meetings This Week

Published : Monday, December 18, 2017 | 6:44 AM

Pasadena’s Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC), which advises the City Council concerning policies affecting the City’s transportation system, is holding a special meeting on Monday, December 18, to discuss recommendations for safety enhancements around the Rose Bowl Loop, a network of roadways surrounding the iconic Pasadena stadium.

The Commission has prepared a draft letter for the City Council’s Public Safety Committee containing specific safety recommendations.

In the draft, Greg Gunther, Chairman of the TAC, indicated their recommendations are in response to the Department of Transportation’s presentation during the last Commission meeting on December 7, which presented information about possible liability issues that may be connected to recreational and other uses of the Rose Bowl loop.

The draft also indicated “liability, in the form of insurance costs and settlements, is an obligation on all citizens of Pasadena,” adding the Commission shares the concerns raised in the transportation department’s presentation.

As indicated, the TAC will be recommending that groups of three or more riders whose speeds exceed 20 miles per hour should be organized and permitted events so they could be required to obtain City permits and pay for liability insurance in case of accidents.

The Commission will also be recommending that City staff review and present data about frequent collision locations within the Rose Bowl loop as well as in the larger Arroyo Seco area – data that could assist the Commission as well as the City Council in coming up with more useful safety recommendations.

The TAC’s Special Meeting on Monday will be at the Department of Transportation office at 221 E. Walnut Street, Room 210, starting at 4 p.m. According to the agenda, public comment regarding the Rose Bowl loop will be allowed after deliberations about the draft letter.

After Monday’s Special Meeting, the final recommendations may be forwarded to the Public Safety Committee. Any discussions at the City Council level, however, may have to wait until January, since no meetings of the Council are scheduled for the remainder of December.

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