Pasadena Gets New Vice Mayor on Monday

Emphasizes programs for youth and seniors, and tourism

Published : Monday, May 6, 2019 | 4:41 AM

Councilmember Tyron Hampton (left) greets a constituent during a District 1 community meeting in 2016.

District 1 City Councilmember Tyron Hampton will be sworn in as Vice Mayor of Pasadena on Monday. He said last week that in that role he will focus on programs for seniors, youth and employment initiatives, and growing the city’s tourism business.

“We have the budget coming up and I’m going to be focusing on initiatives for seniors, and then also youth and employment,” Hampton said. “During the budget discussions those are the topics I’ll be looking closely at.”

Hampton was unanimously elected by the City Council late last year to serve as Pasadena’s 2019 Vice Mayor serving under Mayor Terry Tornek. Hampton’s term begins on May 6 and runs through Dec. 7, 2020. He was elected to City Council in 2015 and was elected to the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Directors in 2013.

Hampton said youth programs and initiatives are high on his to-do list. He said he works to make sure the young people have opportunities. Under his guidance, public school seventh graders started taking field trips to the Rose Bowl and there’s a golf team in the works for John Muir High School. He said he is involved with helping guide young people to job opportunities during the summer months.

Hampton is supportive of technology and media delivery in the schools. He said that while on the School Board he helped usher in the use of Wi-Fi at Pasadena Unified created a PUSD newsletter.

Hampton’s role as Vice Mayor includes sitting in at meetings the Mayor cannot attend, and further he could step in as the City’s Mayor in the event that for any reason Mayor Tornek is unable to continue in that position.

Hampton’s work in District 1 will continue and he said he will focus on the continual growth of maintaining a family-friendly, safe, and budget-conscious district.

Another avenue Hampton wants to pursue is driving more revenue to the City of Pasadena by expanding tourism opportunities.

“I will be looking closely at is the Visitor Center for the City of Pasadena and continuing to see that Pasadena becomes that destination city,” he said. “We’re almost already there, we have so many great restaurants and great things to do in the City of Pasadena. I want people all throughout the United States to know that we’re that small town with a large-city feel.”

As for following in the footsteps that came before him in the role of Vice Mayor?

“Councilmember John Kennedy has done a good job representing the city and I will do that, and also as the City Councilman to my district,” Hampton said.

For Hampton, there has been one invaluable skill he has learned in his public roles: Listening.

“Listen to everyone,” he said. “Everyone has a valid point. Everyone has another view and always remembering to do that, I feel, has made me successful.”

Hampton said he’s thankful to the residents of District 1 for allowing him to serve. And he said anyone who wants to come and see him sworn in Monday is welcome to come to the ceremony held during the City Council meeting.

“I’m super excited. From the day that I got elected to today, every day is new, every day is exciting to me,” Hampton said. “I still thoroughly enjoy the work and once again I’m honored and humbled to have been able to serve the great people of Pasadena and the residents of the First District.”

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