Tzu Chi Takes 'Steps for the Earth' and Disaster Relief in New York City and Los Angeles

Published : Tuesday, September 3, 2019 | 7:54 AM

Our inaugural Tzu Chi USA Walk, Steps for the Earth, was a wonderful success thanks to everyone’s support.

Tzu Chi USA’s first-ever charity walk, ‘Steps for the Earth,’ united communities across the country in the noble pursuit of a cleaner and safer future free of natural disasters. Walks were held in New York City on August 11th and Los Angeles, California, on August 17th.

At Tzu Chi, we believe in the importance of individual action – local action with a  global impact. As our planet’s resources continue to be exhausted, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters are on the rise. This not only impacts our everyday life, but ultimately brings about severe devastation for vulnerable communities across the globe. However, there are some seemingly simple steps which can make a massive impact.

In order to address the underlying causes of global disasters, ‘Steps for the Earth’ encourages climate action, promotes vegetarianism, and raises awareness regarding the state of our planet. The events demonstrate that every individual step truly counts.

Around 1,500 dedicated individuals joined us in solidarity at the NYC and LA walks. Participants took steps for change all while enjoying interactive exhibits, live performances like a majestic dragon dance and a beautiful orchestra, a delicious food fair, and the chance to win incredible prizes including special Pokemon GO and Ingress surprises!

Read the full recap here: Steps for the Earth NYC and LA Recap


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