Tzu Chi USA to Host First-Ever Annual Walk in Solidarity for Climate Change, Greener Living, and Disaster Resilient Communities

Published : Thursday, July 11, 2019 | 1:00 PM

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, or Tzu Chi USA, has opened registration for “Steps for the Earth,” a one of a kind walk for community members of all stripes to unite and raise money for efforts that will encourage sustainable living and offer direct relief after disaster- much of which is aggravated by the harmful effects of climate change. It will take place on August 17 in South El Monte, CA, from 4-9 PM PST at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area.

As an organization committed to showing compassion and relieving suffering, environmental protection and disaster relief lie at the core of their many missions.

In 2018, wildfires wreaked unimaginable havoc on the state of California. In response to six of them, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation said it offered $4,783,802 in total emergency financial aid to families who’d lost nearly everything. These came mainly in the form of cash cards, for families to use on their most pressing needs. You can see more of the Foundation’s relief work and the communities we helped in our video series, Hope Heals.

Outside of California, the Foundation offered aid to families after Mount Kilauea had its historic eruption and Kauai saw massive floods and mudslides. Their relief after Hurricane Florence, too, helped 578 receive $261,500 in aid and $376,000 in emergency relief helped more than 2,130 individuals in Florida see hope after Hurricane Michael.

By raising awareness of how we can all contribute to a greener and safer Earth, and sharing the plight of disaster-impacted communities, Steps for the Earth hopes to raise funds to help families as they face future disaster, but also cope with the realities of long-term recovery. In this regard, Tzu Chi USA stands out in its commitment to staying the course and truly helping families get back up on their own two feet.

To date, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation sponsors include Condor Airlines and Los Angeles County Supervisor and former US Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. Still, additional sponsors, volunteers, and food and product vendors are welcome to join hands, too, for Steps for the Earth. Sponsorship package information may be found here. To volunteer, register here, and to vend, please see their guidelines and application forms for food and non-food items.

Tzu Chi USA hopes to see an array of participants at the event; most notably, those who have received help from Tzu Chi USA in the past.

“It will be a unique platform for former care recipients to share their stories as we band together for a better world,” a statement from the Foundation said.

Registration is $20, with all registrants receiving a complimentary t-shirt in their size. The event will begin with the 2K walk and culminate in an interfaith prayer and concert at the finish line. Participants may register at, with additional FAQs at






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