Union Station’s “Night of Magic” Raises Funds to Help Homeless Families

Anne Miskey, the CEO of Union Station, left, and Lonnie Schield, Board Member.From left: Chef Michael Hung, Chris Holden, of the California State Assembly, Leslie and Rob Levy, owners of Raymond Restaurant.Close-Up Magician David Kovac entertains guests during \Chef Claud Beltran of Claud and Co., center, with friends pose for a picture.Joel and Jessica pose for a \Mike Caveney, close-up magician entertains guests during \Gina long, left, and Monique Alvarado, Union Station volunteers during \Ainsley Benavides, left, Stephanie Harris, and Meghan Kuroda, Union Station volunteers.Bob Tom amd Monique Alvarado, Union Station volunteers during \Chris Holden of the California State Assembly is a guest for \

Photography by JAMES CARBONE

4:52 pm | November 2, 2018

Scores of Union Station supporters turned out at The Rose nightclub for Thursday night’s “Evening for the Station: A Night of Magic,” which featured award-winning magicians performing in support of Union Station Homeless Services.

This year’s event was the Pasadena nonprofit’s 19th annual Evening for the Station fundraiser. Proceeds support programs to assist homeless adults and families rebuild their lives.

Anne Miskey, the organization’s CEO, said Evening for the Station and other similar events allows the group to “tell them about our message” and the work that they’re doing.

“Our goal is to get people permanently housed on the path to stability,” Miskey said. “We also have programs around employment and jobs, mental health programs, addiction. So we have a full range of services for people.”

Miskey said their group is working much more closely with the community in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley to look for solutions to the growing problem of homelessness.

“We’re doing more to try to get more housing happening. That’s our biggest need,” she explained. “We can have the best services in the world, but if we don’t have housing to put people in, we’re still going to have homelessness. So a lot of our work now is focused on those permanent solutions of getting housing, making housing happening and also jobs and employment.”

For last Thursday night’s Evening of Magic, Union Station had a goal to raise $105,000. Much of the proceeds will help purchase home kits for families that are moving into their new homes, including sheets and blankets and cleaning supplies, as well as for food for their beneficiaries, Miskey said.

After Evening of Magic, Union Station Homeless Services plans to hold a Masters of Taste event in the spring. Masters of Taste is a premier food and beverage festival featuring the finest from Los Angeles’ top chefs and restaurants.

Last May, their third annual Masters of Taste attracted over 2,500 guests to the field at the Rose Bowl.

To learn more about Union Station Homeless Services, their programs, and how you can help, visit www.unionstationhs.org.