University Club Donates Historic Books to Pasadena Museum of History

Published : Wednesday, July 2, 2014 | 12:51 PM

The University Club of Pasadena (founded 1922) recently donated a selection of thirty-six historic books from its “member’s library” to the Research Library and Archives of Pasadena Museum of History.

James Harwood, president of the University Club, said, “We are pleased to donate these books to the museum, where they can be preserved, catalogued and made available to scholars and the public. Our club library is composed of books donated over the years by our members for display in a distinctive meeting space, but we have no professional librarian and no system for making known our holdings to those who could make scholarly use of them. The community is better served by turning these works over the institution which preserves Pasadena’s history.”

The PMH Research Library is a specialized collection, containing several thousand books dedicated to the history of Pasadena and California. “This donation enhances our collection of local history and local author books,” stated Laura Verlaque, Director of Collections. “In addition to a number of unusual local publications, I was pleased to receive several first editions of books by Earl Derr Biggers, Pasadena resident and author of the Charlie Chan mysteries.” Please see below for a complete listing of titles.

The books will be catalogued and made available to the public in the Research Library, which is open free of charge Thursdays through Sundays, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. It is located in the basement level of the History Center at Pasadena Museum of History, 470 W. Walnut St., Pasadena. For additional information, please visit or call (626) 577.1660, ext. 10.

List of Titles from the University Club of Pasadena’s Member’s Library donated to Pasadena Museum of History:

John Brown’s Body (1928) by Stephen Vincent Benet
The House Without a Key (1925) by Earl Derr Biggers
Behind That Curtain (1928) by Earl Derr Biggers
Charlie Chan Carries On (1930) by Earl Derr Biggers
Earl Derr Biggers Tells Ten Stories (1933) by Earl Derr Biggers
The West Is Still Wild: Romance of the Present and the Past (1932) by Harry Carr
The Mysterious Rider: A Novel (1921) by Zane Gray
Ten Years’ Work of a Mountain Observatory a brief account of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington (1915) by George Ellery Hale
The Depths of the Universe (1924) by George Ellery Hale
On the Frontier (1887) by Bret Harte
A Farewell to Arms (1929) by Ernest Hemingway
San Gabriel River Project of the City of Pasadena Closing Brief (1927) by James H. Howard, R.C. McAllaster, James R. Scott, & S.B. Morris
Ramona, A Story (1901) by Helen Hunt Jackson
Rainfall and Stream Run-Off in Southern California Since 1769 (1931) by H.B. Lynch
San Gabriel River Project of the City of Pasadena Application Numbers: 3328, 3329, 3330, 3331, 3741, 4447, 4448. Report on Engineering Facts and Statement of the Law (1927) by S.B. Morris and James H. Howard
San Gabriel River Project of the City of Pasadena Rebuttal Report in Answer to Affirmative Reports of Other Applicants and Protestants (1927) by S.B. Morris and James H. Howard
San Gabriel River Project of the City of Pasadena Supplemental Rebuttal Report in Answer to Affirmative Reports of Other Applicants and Protestants (1927) by S.B. Morris and James H. Howard
The Water Seekers (1950) by Remi Nadeau
The Out Trail (1923) by Mary Roberts Rinehart
My Story (1931) by Mary Roberts Rinehart
Romance of the Highways of California: Unusual and Interesting Facts and Stories About the Golden State (1945) by Commander Scott
The Land of the Pueblos (1888) by Susan E. Wallace
Water Needs and Financial Aspects of The Metropolitan Water District Project (1931) by F. E. Weymouth
Summary of Preliminary Surveys, Designs & Estimate for the Metropolitan Water District Aqueduct & Terminal Storage Projects (1930) by F.E. Weymouth
Fifty-six Years of Service, 1888-1944 by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
Fifteenth Annual Report of Pasadena Water Department Pasadena, California (1927-1928)
The Valley Hunt Club, Pasadena: History and By-Laws (1970)
Los Angeles Blue Book (1977)
Gloria Berry Duthie’s Southwest Blue Book (1976)
Who’s Who on the Pacific Coast (1951)
“Statesmanship, the Education of an American Naval Officer” from Bulletin of the California Institute of Technology (1944)
The Living Wilderness, No. 20, Vol. 12 (March 1947)
California History Nugget (7 volumes, 1930s)
Quarterly of the California Historical Society, Vol. 2, No. 1 (1923)

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