Veterans Trained for Nonprofit Board Membership, Honing Their Community Service Skills

Published : Saturday, September 15, 2018 | 5:16 AM

Mitch Dorger training the class on differences and similarities of non-profit and for profit companies

Jericho Road’s Melanie Goodyear and Mitch Dorger delivered a 3-hour intensive nonprofit Board member training for the military veterans participating in Leadership Pasadena’s Community Leadership Course for Veterans to ready them for leadership in the San Gabriel Valley communities.

“We believe the best way to integrate our service-driven military veterans into their new civilian life is to help them serve and lead again through community service. Our veterans are perfect future leaders for our many non-profits and other civic organizations and Mitch and Melanie gave them the best possible training on what it means to be on a non-profit Board of Directors. We so appreciate these two renowned experts working with us to re-mission our veterans as local leaders,” according to Leadership Pasadena Executive Director Cindy Bengtson.

Melanie Goodyear discussing how to evaluate a charity before joining the Board

Pere Melanie Goodyear, Executive Director of Jericho Road Pasadena, “Veterans are such a resource for nonprofits and for our community. Jericho Road Pasadena was honored to train Veterans Leadership program attendees on how to join a nonprofit board; thanks to Leadership Pasadena, for empowering veterans to continue serving their communities after serving our country!”

Senior Intelligence Office for the Air Force 452 Air Mobility Wing Andrew Burghdorf, participant in the class, said, “Yesterday’s session gave us the tools necessary to be effective members of any nonprofit board of directors. Our facilitators ensured that we are equipped to be informed and dynamic team members.”

Class room setting at St. Baldricks Foundation

St. Baldricks Foundation hosted the training as Leadership Pasadena wanted the veterans to learn the incredible history of this local non-profit that quietly raises $30-40 million per year to fight childhood cancer and relies on volunteers all over the world. CEO Kathleen Ruddy spoke to the class about why she chooses to work for a non-profit and the skills and talents she needs to make sure St. Baldricks thrives and grows.


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