Wacky and Zany Doo-Dah Parade Queen Tryouts Set for October 28

Published : Tuesday, October 9, 2018 | 12:47 PM

Pasadena’s “other” big parade, the farcical and flamboyant occasional Doo Dah Parade – among as the strangest and most absurd parades in the country – will be held on Sunday, November 18.

But before the parade, the Doo Dah Parade Queen has to be chosen – in an equally zany, outlandish, and wacky event on Sunday, October 28, at the American Legion Post 280, at 179 N. Vinedo Avenue in Pasadena.

The Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, known as the “twisted sister” of the Pasadena Rose Parade, will roll down Colorado Boulevard celebrating 41 years of irreverent frolicking on the streets of Pasadena, with participants – humans, their dogs or cats, automobiles and carts, and the occasional tractor – garbed in all sorts of strange costumes and decorations to attract as much attention as possible.

As in previous Doo Dah Queen selections, contestants, of “all genders, ages, shapes, and persuasions,” will be testing their fate to become queen. Even the judges, including many former queens, are dressed outlandishly. Tryout supporters as well as the audience may also dress for the occasion – the royal mayhem takes place in a town-hall setting with long tables in beer-fest style and hot food.

Doo Dah’s house band, New Astroturf, will set the mood for the lively caucus, along with other guest performers.

At the selection, each Queen hopeful will be given three minutes to wow the judges. A boom box will be available with a microphone and to play CDs, and a drum roll is available if you please. There will also be a pool table and a smoking patio, as well as a big-screen TV.

Queen hopefuls can call early to let the organizers know you’re trying out and to get tips on how to wow the judges. Call (626) 590-1134 or send an email to hurleypanne@yahoo.com.

If you’re unable to call ahead of time, just show up at 2 p.m. The judges will take their seats at 3:15 and the tryouts begin at 3:30 p.m.

There is a $5 cover charge for all who enter, but all Queen hopefuls are free entry.

For more information, and for entry forms to the 41st Occasional Doo Dah Parade, visit www.pasadendadoodahparade.info.






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