Women in Leadership Vital Voices Luncheon is a Movement for Keeping Democracy Alive in Pasadena

Published : Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 7:10 PM

Since 2000, Women in Leadership Vital Voices has been at the forefront of mobilizing local women in a movement its founder Lena Kennedy says is the lifeline for connecting the public with politicians and keeping democracy alive in Pasadena and beyond.

Women in Leadership Vital Voices (WLVV), which provides community members with an insider’s understanding of the political process, is set to host its Executive Forum Luncheon Friday at Women’s City Club Pasadena. Guests will learn about how to stay informed in this year’s elections from experts in the field.

Speakers include Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of Courage California, who will discuss “Why California Counts in the 2018 Election” and former U.S. Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis, who is the candidate for California Lt. Governor.

“This is an opportunity that we take advantage of to educate our community so that we are some of the most informed women across the United States on public policy,” said Lena Kennedy, CEO of LL Kennedy & Associates and National Co-Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

“This has been a movement that has been happening for years. When we talk about creating that beautiful picture, we’re the pixels to make that portrait beautiful. And we all play a role in it,” Kennedy added.

WLVV teaches community members how to maximize their voices in the political arena and shows them new avenues and options for participation, according to the WLVV website.

It aims to maximize members’ influence through collective action and collective giving and disseminates information about how legislators vote on various issues.

“These executive forums bring people to the community so that the community can remain and stay engaged in policy and how to help legislators when they’re creating legislation that impacts our communities,” said Kennedy.

Often, WLVV meetups invite elected officials and candidates running for office to come and speak to members, as well as pollsters who provide hands-on information about the polling process related to each election cycle.

“We also talk about opportunities to educate the community on how to get appointments, how to be engaged in the community,” said Kennedy. “Every voice is important and everyone has something to contribute to the success of our society.”

Courage Campaign, a state-based progressive grassroots advocacy organization based in California, is this month’s featured focus.

Founded in 2005, Courage Campaign is powered by 1.4 million members and its strategy combines digital tools with grassroots community organizing focusing on three priorities: Economic Justice, Human Rights, and Corporate and Political Accountability.

“They monitor and help elected officials hold true to their promise that they made to the community when they were running for office,” said Kennedy. “They also grade these elected officials once they’re in Sacramento,” explained Kennedy about the organization’s A-F grading scale.

Kennedy says Courage Campaign is a valuable resource not only for voters and elected officials, but for those who seek to learn more about the political process overall.

“Their online internet movement that has made phenomenal impacts in California and the elected officials really take heed to the work and the outcome of the work that they do. My goal is to make sure we all know about these people that are doing good work,” said Kennedy.

Men and Women in Leadership Vital Voices host Women in Leadership Vital Voices Executive Forum Luncheon at Women’s City Club Pasadena Friday at 11:30 a.m. located at 160 N Oakland Ave.

For more information call: (626) 765-6206 or go to www.communityleadersvv.com







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