Work Begins on Emergency $295,932 Colorado Street Bridge Fencing to Stop Suicides

Published : Friday, September 14, 2018 | 5:49 AM

Image courtesy Pasadena Heritage

Construction has begun on emergency 10-foot-tall fencing along the Colorado Street Bridge to prevent suicides and “should continue through next week,” a City spokesperson said Thursday evening.

Installation of poles being erected along the sidewalk on both sides of the Bridge began several days ago, Pasadena Heritage reported in an email.

“The fencing will match that already placed at all of the seating bays along the bridge and has a close-weave mesh that makes it very difficult to climb.”

The installation of additional fencing was prompted by a marathon 14-hour talk-down of a suicidal woman standing on the Bridge’s outer ledge on Sept. 3.

Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell promised the action that same day.

According to a City document, from 2007 to 2016 there was an average of three suicides per year from the Colorado Street Bridge. In 2017, the number increased to nine suicides, and there have been four suicides to date in 2018, with the most recent on August 27.

The actual authorization to make the purchase of $295,932 in fencing and installation services by the J. C. Western Fence Company is agendized for the City Council’s meeting next Monday, Sept. 17.

The staff request calls for the company to “expeditiously install new ten-foot fencing that will fill in the areas between the alcoves on both sides of the bridge.”

The same company installed the original fencing to block the 20 benched alcoves in July 2017.

J. C. Western Fence began fabricating the materials for the project on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, and the installation of the new fencing will be finished no later than Friday, September 27, 2018, according to the City document.


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