Would You Like Some Beer or Wine with Your Donuts Today?

Published : Monday, September 17, 2018 | 5:41 AM

A new restaurant featuring “award-winning” donuts plans to pair the sweet treats with beers and wines at its new Pasadena location.

Donut Bar, a San Diego-based sweets outpost, announced they will be opening a Pasadena franchise at 445 East Colorado Boulevard before the end of the year.

The company said the eatery will serve up wine and craft beer offerings on weekend nights, along with fresh-baked doughnuts.

“I had one goal when I started Donut Bar – to make the very best donuts that I personally could,” co-owner Santiago Campa told the San Diego Union-Tribune in December, 2017 when the firm announced plans to expand throughout California.

Campa got his start as a pastry chef working at five-star hotels including the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton.

Documents published by the City in advance of Wednesday’s Hearing Officer proceedings on Donut Bar’s application for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the sale and consumption of beer and wine have shed more light on what local diners can expect.

The new “bar” will occupy an existing 2,656 square-foot tenant space in a commercial building at 445 E. Colorado Blvd., two doors east of its intersection with Los Robles Avenue, on the northern streetfront.

The new Donut Bar site will consist of a 575 square-foot dining area, a 25 square-foot outdoor dining area, a 175 square-foot serving and beverage bar area, and a 445 square-foot kitchen.

Processing the Conditional Use Permit application will entail analysis of whether the proposed location of alcohol sales, which is within the CD-4 (Central District Specific Plan, Pasadena Playhouse) zoning district, would affect the general welfare of the surrounding property owners and whether this would aggravate existing alcohol-related problems such as loitering, public drunkenness, sales to minors, noise, and littering.

As indicated by the applicant, Donut Bar will only serve alcoholic beverages in conjunction with food service for onsite consumption only. No sale of alcohol for off-site consumption will be allowed.

The sale of alcohol in disposable containers will be prohibited, and cover charges, age restrictions, and amplified music conducive of a nightclub atmosphere are also prohibited so that the establishment remains a restaurant and does not deviate from the approved restaurant use, the applicant indicated.

The Conditional Use Permit application requires the applicant to identify all uses that sell alcohol for either onsite or off-site consumption within 1,000 feet of the site. Based on information provided by the applicant, there are currently 13 establishments within 1,000 feet of the subject site that sell alcohol.

Planning Department staff have determined the new restaurant would not contribute negatively to the undue concentration of alcoholic establishments in the area and allowing alcohol sale and consumption onsite would not be detrimental to the surrounding uses.

The department said the site is not located within immediate proximity of parks, playgrounds, or schools, although it is near a religious facility: the First United Methodist Church of Pasadena, which is about 160 feet southeast of the site.

The nearest public park, Memorial Park, which includes the Pasadena Senior Center, is about 2,100 feet northwest of the site. The nearest school, Fuller Seminary, is 500 feet north of the subject site.

The public hearing begins at 6 p.m. at the Permit Center Hearing Room at 175 N. Garfield Avenue.


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