Wrongful Death Suit Against Pasadena and America’s Got Talent, NBC For Alleged Wheelchair Mishap

Published : Friday, March 9, 2018 | 1:20 PM

City Hall

A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Pasadena and America’s Got Talent for the wrongful death of a woman volunteer at the Civic Auditorium.

Maureen Allen, 79, was allegedly injured after her motorized wheelchair flipped on its side as she negotiated a large power cord protector on the set of America’s Got Talent shooting in March 2017. The woman was violently thrown to the ground and suffered severe injuries to her head, arms, and hip, her lawyer said.

Allen and her husband were volunteering at the 67th Annual Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair, which was being held at the event center. Their lawyer said both were using motorized wheelchairs and disabled access points to the auditorium were blocked off because America’s Got Talent was filming there.

“The television show’s trailers and equipment were blocking all handicap access points to the building except for one,” lawyer Brian Panish wrote in the complaint. “In order to gain access to the subject ramp, individuals with disabilities were forced to navigate and maneuver over a large power cord protector that obstructed the only available path of travel.”

Allen’s was hospitalized and suffered a stroke the next day. Months after the fall, Allen was placed on life support. She died a few days later.

Allen’s family blames her death on the initial fall, said a TMZ report, and claims the show producer’s negligence caused the accident.

The estate is suing the production company FremantleMedia, and NBC Universal, which owns America’s Got Talent.


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